What Will Make You Fail This Year’s POST UTME

Napoleon Hill’s famous quotes read “Success comes to those who become success conscious.

Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious”. This quote explicitly posits the unwillingness in permitting failure when a student is a success conscious.

However, some indiscreet students would also want to obtain gold from bronze mine when they have allowed themselves to become failure conscious.

The next phase a student aspiring for tertiary education is faced within a bid to conquer is the POST UTME after successful completion of the UTME. The consciousness of this next phase is not contained by transience or impulsiveness but the state of academic focus amongst students paves way for a disgraceful failure. However, students need to scale this hurdle in order to get admitted into tertiary institutions, but only a few students get through to such feat because of personal principles they imbibed on.

Those students who are hit hard by poor performance in POST UTME even after securing a great score in UTME. That’s frustrating, right?.

The students are faced with dual options; to rewrite UTME or accept the course offer from the university which will be completely different from your dream course. This devastating failure is most likely questionable because of the outstanding success recorded by the student.

As hard as it is to believe, the more convincing our claims are to various factors that contribute to such gruesome failure.

The factors that will make a student fail this year’s POSTUTME include the following;

(1) Many students rely on “expo” or engage the services of “mercenaries” to help them sit for the exam.

Currently, the trend at which students are optimistic about being involved in such sordid practices is very alarming. Roughly for the student, he/she is gambling with their destiny because when caught will cause the student to lose that year’s admission & eventually wind up in jail. Worse still, some students prefer registering in tutorial classes where exam malpractice is a norm. Such an environment inhibits the academic morale of the students and makes him/her resort to the lackluster attitude of most students. There was this sad story of a mercenary who also was a teacher in a certain tutorial center (now wound up) who scored 45% in a subject he taught in the POST UTME preparatory classes. What a tragedy! Students I want to encourage you to believe in God and in your ability rather than putting your trust in man and I assure you that you will succeed.

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(2) Students who are taught by inexperienced or incompetent teachers are most likely going to fail the exam unless there is divine intervention.

Some teachers leave the substance and start pursuing shadows. They spend more time teaching topics that the universities will never set questions from in the next one million years but pay less attention to the topics that carry the bulk of the marks. Besides, this incompetency as revealed in the teacher’s pedagogical skills will drastically reduce the chances of students scoring big in the POST UTME. This factor as weird it may sound can’t be debated cuz of its proven essence. Students are often advised to avoid such tutorials which have a reason to frustrate students’ hope. Moreover, many students do not read about their exams. Those who bother to read do not start doing so until the very last minute. No matter how good your teachers are, you need to draw up a workable timetable fit your private study, if you will make reading a habit, you can hardly fail any exam. Such negligence of studies may be attributed to their success in UTME, without knowing that it is not yet over until it is over. Overconfidence can play a role for unpreparedness of the POSTUTME, and in a way cause them to either forget what they stored upstairs or tackle questions indiscreetly.

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(3) Success is not only a test of a candidate’s intelligence but also a test of his/her ability yo manage time. It is therefore advisable that you start practicing time management with past questions. A lot of students have lamented on their ordeal during POSTUTME as no time was allotted to them, but that actually may not be a factor but generally accepted to be also a reason why students fail. Some students spend much of their time answering the questions with lesser marks and rush over questions that carry the bulk of the marks. Some students also waste time trying to understand and simplify the questions given to them, which when abstruse, the more time the student wastes. Most students are always lamenting over the exam because they were unable to finish answering all the questions. Hence, when a student doesn’t cultivate in his/her time management, he most likely is a victim of failure in this year’s POST UTME.

(3) Being intelligent is interesting but being a smart intelligent student is powerful. Our analysis and researches have recorded failures even amongst intelligent students in POSTUTME because of their unwillingness to think beyond the box. Every university has a very unique way of setting questions, so, if this method of theirs are not carefully looked into in order to accumulate the vital information one needs before entering the exam hall. Most neglect this aspect and fail abysmally. Some universities always prepare their questions from JAMB question banks and make it easier for a student to be tactical during his/her exams. Therefore, blunt neglect of this reality can only allow a bright student in perpetual failure.
Furthermore, students neglect the art of studying the JAMB past questions & POSTUTME questions in a bid to understand the similarity, how the questions are constructed, and possible ways to help write the exams and still maintain a glorious victory. It is heart threatening that students think it comes only by hard work, so after being engrossed in intensive studies, the output is very disheartening.

(4) Negligence of interpersonal relationships with fellow university aspirants can have a very bad effect on the student’s result. How??? When u think you can study alone and smash the POSTUTME without seeking exam guidelines or tips from those who wrote earlier than you in the department of your choice. Such an abnormal attitude leads to the student’s failure and possibly limit all the school’s information that must be abreast of the aspirant.

(5) Failure comes to students because of their inability to handle lack of concentration, carelessness & impulsiveness. Hence, if a student who wishes for success must deliberately work on him/herself to avoid failing what you know, which to most students is the highest form of academic pains. This can be prevented and curtailed if the students imbibe discipline in a few areas of academic pursuit. Such students need to sit for regular tests or mock exams, which will help equip the student for the exam. To me, this is being success conscious, but behaving indifferently towards the challenge ahead of us may make us susceptible to failure.
“The offspring of distraction, laziness, and exam malpractice is frustration, while the reward of hard work and focused mind is fulfillment. The choice you choose today determines what you will become tomorrow. Be wide, choose wisely.”


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Jeremiah Alayo

Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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