What makes you a Dullard

The profundity of this topic can’t cease revealing our ignorance of certain circumstances that either possess a great threat to our academic & social wellbeing or stagnate our wholesome growth.

The topic posits varying perspectives of brain functioning at both ends as though it can be related to modes of heat transfer by which the principle of heat migration is based on the temperature difference.

However, as Abraham Lincoln would say, “As our case is new, we must think and act anew”. The light at which he expounded the sudden changes dependent on varying factors, left us with the needful challenge to face our inabilities.

Hence, this question recalls back in memory, with all soberness and deep reflection. More so, this conceptual question elicited an explicit description of the subject matter. Olu-period Orinayo opined on different ends at which the subject matter can be addressed in uniformity as ” what makes a dullard a dullard” & “what makes you a dullard; as such description wouldn’t stop appealing to my social acumen in all willingness towards mental development. But the reality of a fool will be understood as more consciousness of teachers are recognized in an informal setting.

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According to the Longman English Dictionary, a DULLARD is someone who is stupid and has no imagination. Stupid here means having a low level of intelligence and having great difficulty in learning or understanding things.

The subject matter is strange as to comprehend the inability of insanity to be accepted as a state for the demented, regardless of how evident their results and communications can affirm. This unconsciousness that lives in a sane man that prevents him to seek the eradication of such quality is what baffles me but quite interesting.

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Hence knowing that no one who is a DULLARD actually wanted not planned to be one is what currently titillates me as the subject matter suggests otherwise. I only believe that certain factors were either directly or indirectly neglected and overlooked, that’s why Dullards exists nowadays.

Using the description “what makes a dullard a dullard” would be more tasking as it’s nature dependent and on medical complications owing to severe seizures or cerebral dysfunction. Hence, the other aspect of the subject matter holds more value to us.

One of the certain factors, that Constitutes a DULLARD is TORPIDITY. It is the act of being unresponsive and lacking alertness which majorly is due to the bane of development in our generation called laziness. The Laissez-faire attitude of students towards their book and life generally is what brings about the composition of a DULLARD inter alia.

This lackluster and I don’t care attitude causes a decrease in productivity and underuse of the brain, hence leading to the lack of a fully developed brain that exists in dullards. As simple as this may seem, the more convincing we look into it as a factor that champions “dullard” as quality because no matter how a man can dig deeper, he can’t get gold from the bronze mine.


Albert Einstein says that “the difference between stupidity and genius, is that genius has its limits.” This clearly explains that stupidity came into man as a result of his inability to put a limit to his Lassie faire attitude and engage necessary disciplines that should have marked one as being sagacious. It’s more reason why a person who fails to cultivate his/her development is considered a dullard.

However, no one decides to be a dullard, certain psychological conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc could impair one’s chance of being a scholar. People with the following conditions have given hope as they think that their situation is immutable. Gradually, they become comfortable within the limitations that come with their so-called disabilities or better put inability.

The inability to comprehend, understand, and remember things are reasons why people give up both schoolwise and streetwise. Such people give up on everything as they believe that is unteachable and as such can not vie favorably in several areas of life outside academics and life.

This is the most important reason for the existence of such “Dullards” because of fate and ill luck. Hence, no matter how the dullard studies, enlightened socially, improved on can not be effective because of such height of brain memory.

Furthermore, environmental factors can affect the mental and psychological state of a person. Living with Dullards as an immediate environment and intimate friends exacerbate the level of torpidity which is the bedrock to being a Dullard.


Albert Einstein says, ” A perfection of means & confusion of aims seems to be our main problems. “Most importantly, this truth has revealed our ignorance on this aspect that makes one a dullard, hence, we can convincingly put it that dullards can be found amongst his fellows and can’t stay comfortably in the midst of sagacious persons. Think with soberness on an eaglet which was raised with chicks; it fed with them, played & thought like them. It won’t be hard to conclude on the psychological shift in the eaglet’s way of life, and conjecturally would be a perfect chick though can’t be cuz of the appearance. No matter how hard it is for us to believe, it can be said that all the limitations of the chick would constrain the eaglet to the chick’s nature. That implies that whatever makes one a dullard can’t be far from whomsoever and whatever his environment presents to him/her. ” learn from the wise and become wise, but learn from the fool and become foolish.” this saying drives home the reality of this environmental factor.


Moreover, fools are recognized by their inability to recognize teachers presented to them by life itself because of their unconsciousness. This aspect challenges our carefulness in a bid to reveal how one can become a dullard with little knowledge of such reverse development.


This unconsciousness is the unwillingness and inability to respect instructions worthy of practicing for fruitfulness & productivity. Such a mindset has deactivated the cerebral efficiency of most persons into being a dullard with the effect of foolishness and scrambled memory. Such heightened factor can be as a result of the person’s unwillingness to abide by life’s principles of learning and development. However, wisdom calls for attention in all readiness to submit to the consciousness of learning.

The power to be what u want to be lies within you. The decisions you made are what you end up meeting in the future.


Even a DULLARD if determined can become a scholar despite laziness and their inabilities. A saying goes that inability is not a disability. The key to our future lies in our palms. With the right mindset and positivity, Being called a dullard or scholar isn’t just a matter of Laissez-faire and apathy.

They are mere names given but the difference is the hard work implied in toto. A scholar is likely to have joie de vivre than a dullard. Now I’ll like to point out something, a DULLARD isn’t just a stupid person but someone who can’t improve on their weaknesses and build it into a strength for their better tomorrow. we need to think again and ask ourselves this main question.


Which of our weaknesses makes us a DULLARD? Hence, WHAT MAKES US A DULLARD??? Let know your viewpoint and pls remember to share.

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Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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