Things you should know and expect from UNILAG post utme

UNILAG Likely Post utme questions: UNILAG POST UTME LIKELY QUESTIONS: Essential things you should know about Unilag post UTME.The University of Lagos (UNILAG) Likely Post UTME question on Mathematics, General Paper, and English. The structure of the Unilag post UTME exam. See likely questions and other details below


As we know, unilag’s post utme is very well around the corner. Aspirants are registering daily and at the same time preparing.
We should not be distracted by the happenings in the country like the curfew, social confusion, etc as there are lots of aspirants who are keen to gain admission this year.
Here are a few tips to guide you on all you need to know.


History of Unilag

Unilag is an acronym for the University of Lagos. It was founded in 1962, two years after Nigeria gained independence. Many notable personalities have been produced by this great in the institution. Eni Njoku was the first black vice-chancellor. It is one of the best and most competitive universities in Nigeria. It is placed in Akoka, Lagos State. Its motto is _in deed and in truth_. Unilag currently admits over 9000 undergraduates even though over 20000 apply each year. It has three campuses, two of which are fixed in tabs. It is a social school and a nice one at that, so you don’t have to worry about been bored!
Recently, the vice-chancellor of unilag, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe was removed and replaced by Prof. Omololu Soyombo ( who has a Ph.D. in sociology and graduated from the University of Essex, England) who later stepped down willingly. Prof. Folashade Ogunsola took the position finally and is now the acting VC.

Mrs. Folashade Ogunsola is the first woman to maintain the role of a VC in UNILAG. She is a medical microbiologist. She specializes in disease control especially HIV/AIDS.

Unilag’s post utme


  • Candidates must have chosen unilag as the first choice in 2020/2021 utme and scored a minimum of 200 in 2020/2021 JAMB.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of five(5) credit passes in one sitting for relevant O’level subjects, Maths and English inclusively.
  •  Candidates must be Sixteen(16) years old on or before 31st October 2020.
  • Candidates who have been expelled must not apply again.

Structure of unilag’s post utme

Unilag’s post utme is CBT based (computer-based). It covers three broad subjects which are; Mathematics, English, and General Paper for all students irrespective of the course.
Twenty(20) questions are set on English, Twenty(20) more on Mathematics, and Ten(10) on General paper making fifty(50) questions in all.
The time frame is small and your score would be calculated over 100.
The whole post utme holds 30% of your admission while the level holds 20% and jamb 50%.

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Likely Areas To Be Questioned During The Unilag Post Utme

Disclaimer: Pls this is not an Expo or guarantee that all these would come out in the post utme. It is just based on research done over time.

Download Now: UNILAG Post UTME Past Questions and Answers – Access For Free



  • Mensuration of solid shapes.

This includes Area of plane shapes, volumes of solid shapes, surface areas of Solid shapes, Curved surface areas of Solid shapes, volumes of the frustum, etc

  • Factorization

Factorization comprises mathematical equations, expressions, etc.
Factorization is the basis of many questions like some complex simultaneous equations, etc

  • Longitude and Latitude

Candidates should know how to find the longitudes and latitudes of places given speed, distance, etc

  • Word problems

Word problems like calculating the age of a parent and his child given their ages in the future or years ago.

  • Indices and Logarithms

Laws of indices and logarithms should be strictly adhered to.
More complex forms of indices and logarithms can discourage you but don’t give up.

  • Matrices

Candidates should try and learn the additions and multiplications of the matrix as well as the different types.

  • Differentiation and Integration

This is a very broad topic that is frequently asked.
Laws guiding them should be learned and applied with caution

  • Variation

Variation is not such a hard topic in mathematics but failure to revise may be hazardous. Hence, you shouldn’t forget your direct variation, indirect and partial.

  • Polynomial

The addition, division, and factorization of polynomials are essential in this topic.

  • Sequence and Series.

This is one of the simplest topics in mathematics and it doesn’t take much time to solve.
Arithmetic progressions and Geometric progressions should be read.
Usually, further mathematicians have an edge but that does not mean that other students can not pass.

Always remember, Consistency is the key. Candidates should try and cover these areas and even more explicitly. The use of textbooks, past questions, and a tutor is advised.


English is a subject often underestimated by students. They feel it is too simple and hence think there is no need for practice but this is wrong.
Statistics have shown that about 80% of students who do not read for literacy exams fail woefully.

  • Hence, it is advised that students should cover the areas of Comprehension, Synonyms, and Antonyms (to build your vocabulary)

Meanings of words like ameliorate, impasse, rendezvous, proficiency, plaintiff, brevity, effeminate, etc. should be learned as well as antonyms and synonyms for each.

  • Registers

The meaning of idioms like cook the books, no love lost, finger in the pie, kicked the bucket, a night out, etc.
Use dictionaries and encyclopedias when necessary.


Unilag’s general paper is usually based on current affairs, history, government, football, and events, etc.

I advise students to read every manuscript they can lay their hands on, Google Search to see the latest updates, and listen to the news frequently to assure yourself of success.
Students should know all state capitals and slogans, rivers and their locations, the largest delta in the world, countries with the smallest and highest population, countries with smallest and largest landmass, Meaning of acronyms like INEC, TUC, UTME, etc, year of independence of different countries, Years of Nobel prizes for humanitarians, country codes, country time zones, etc

Always remember, hard work and consistency is the key. As you thrive to succeed, I pray God crowns tour efforts.


UNILAG Post UTME Past Questions and Answers – Access For Free

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