Twin Thoughts – Episode 4

Twin Thoughts
_My experience in becoming the student of my half and the delectable of my Parents_

Episode 2

And so it came to pass that for the first time, I refused to give her the benefit of doubt and she, In return, still did not come up with an apology of any sort thereby strengthening my conviction.


As days passed by, when he noticed I never reply to her questions or even mistakenly talk to her, she started hers.

Even now as I write this, I wonder how we managed to do that. We’d be in the same room but never talk to each other, we’d trek to school together but say nothing. We’d be going to church in the same car and yet keep mute, unlike normal days when we’d argue over everything and anything. I knew our parents would notice. I was right.


One night I overheard them discussing us in the sitting room. I had wanted to have a glass of water but on hearing our names, curiosity took over.

I stopped to listen.

“Haven’t you noticed?” mum asked “it seems they are fighting”

“They fight all the time Nnem, this one’s no exception”

“But then..”mum began in a concerned tone” at the very least I’ve not seemed them talk to each other”

Dad patted her thigh.”It’s okay. They will be fine.”

“You don’t seem to understand” mum retorted brushing dad’s handoff.

“I understand. Believe me, I do”dad replied “they’ve not even shouted at each other for a while now. I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I’ve missed all that. The noise, arguments, complaints….”

“Could it have been because of that night?” Mum cut in

Dad laughed “You’re insinuating they planned this to get back at us?”

Mum was quiet.

“Don’t you know your children anymore?” Dad continued “They did wrong, they got punished. There’s nothing wrong with that. They are not doing this on purpose”

“But why could they be…?”

“Nne it’s okay” dad intervened crossing his arm around mummy’s shoulder “They’re kids after all. They’ll surely fight over this and that, throw tantrums but believe me, they’ll sort it out”


At that point,  I tip-toed back to the room not wishing for them to know I’d been eavesdropping.


Chinasa was reading a novel when I came in. I felt the urge to break the silence remembering how sure dad was that we would settle this.

She looked up from her book and only then did I realize that I had been moping. I sensed she wanted to ask why I was staring at her like that but she returned to her book without a word. I gave up.

We’d sort it out later. I lay down and prayed for sleep to come and steal me away.


We continued that way. The only day we talked to ourselves though indirectly was on Saturday when Tony our elder brother came back from school For the weekend.


By then, it had been five days. Yes, I was counting.


On Sunday afternoon, Tony came up to our room. We already knew that he had noticed. Even if he hadn’t, I’m sure mummy must have told him.

“Are you girls okay?” He asked as he took a sit

Chinasa and I looked at each other. I said nothing but Chinasa replied

“As you can see bro, I’m perfectly fine “she paused”I can’t speak for others though.”

I pretended not to hear.

“Chinaza?” Tony called when I still haven’t said a word.

“I’m fine”

“You’re not “he replied,” both of you, what’s wrong?”

“You must have heard the incident,” I said.

“Mum told me” Of course, trust mum on that. Though I felt this time she wasn’t snitching just for the sake of snitching. She was concerned.

She knew how much we listen to Tony and it just struck me that she might have been the one that told him to come back that weekend.


“You both did wrong and got punished,” he said,” what’s there to fight about again?”

“Bro you won’t understand” That was Chinasa

“Make me understand”

“You just won’t. This is a matter between girls” she replied

“I can’t bear seeing both of you like this. Talk to me”

“The thing is..”I began “some people are too conceited to say ‘I’m sorry'”

“And some people love demanding apologies as if they’re the only ones punished,” said Chinasa

“Tony you can see for yourself how some people talk to the seniors,” I said

“Senior!” She screamed “Tony, just because someone came out minutes before I did, I will not hear the r-word again ehn? Always hammering it in my head that I’m her junior”


Tony did not expect this. He was stupefied. He kept on looking from Chinasa to me and back. He had never seen us like that. I had never seen us like that too…


When He regained his composure, he started a homily to which we just kept on nodding…You girls are special…there’s nothing as sweet as having a twin..many people out there wish they had a twin..blah blah blah

He left us after he said “Whatever it is, please sort it out”


We returned to what we were doing when he left the room  He went back to school the next day and we kept on keeping mute. Mum and dad tried too but it wasn’t working.

I had strongly resolved she would be the one to break the silence. It turned out it was a mutual resolution.


After a few days s, I chose to break the silence. Not because I couldn’t keep up but because e exams were two weeks away.


We were in school that day when I walked to her locker. I dropped my jotter on her desk. She looked at me in askance.


“Those are the topics I don’t fully understand”

She laughed “Is this not a miracle? The dumb finally speak s. Hallelujah..!”

“The dumb finally replies,” I said not finding it funny. She laughed again though

“Well, as you can see. .” she said”I’m busy”

“I don’t mean right could help me when we get home…”

“I’m busy” she cut in.

I persisted” Even if it’s not today. Any day you are less busy…”

She did not let me finish.

“I’m TOO busy” she smirked.


Without another word, I snatched my jotter and walked back to my locker angrily.

Olisa had been watching.

“Hey, Naza.what’s up with your sis?”

“None of your business!” I retorted

He was taken aback. I’ve never talked to him that way. Knowing me too well, he left me alone for the moment.


During the break period, I was the one who came to him and apologized for being rude. I told him of the challenges I was having with studies and how my twin refused to help this time.

“I’ll gladly oblige,” he said.

I smiled “Thanks but no, thanks,” I said ” I would be wasting your precious time  Only Chinasa knows how to teach me, I mean.I.i only understand when she teaches me,

He cackled”Really? Have you tried master Olisaemeka?”

I hesitated

“I’ll help you,” he said in assurance.

I felt relieved at once. I promised myself that I would work so hard to make a better result.

The n, she’d see that contrary to what she might be thinking, I’m not a dunce.


Exams came and went…

I was elate. In a few days, our results would be ready.

I couldn’t wait to flaunt it!



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