Twin Thoughts – Episode 3

Twin Thoughts
_My experience in becoming the student of my half and the delectable of my Parents_


Episode 3


You’d think that mum would settle this issue with us quietly in our room. Well, if you thought that, you thought wrong. For reasons best known to her, she always chooses to involve dad whenever we commit an offense except on days when dad Is away on a business trip. Even after punishing us on such days, She’d still bring up the matter when daddy comes back. You can trust my mum on that

“Daddy!” she shouted on top of her voice” come and heartrending story o”

“Hey, mummy” Chinasa tried pleading

“If I hear peem ehn..” mum retorted clicking her fingers “Oya hanlele..” She marched us down to daddy’s room

Amid all that drama, I did not even know that dad has already come back from work. He was busy with his computer when we walked in

“Come and hear what your children are now doing,” mummy said immediately. Dad turned away from his computer at once

“Daddy good evening” we greeted in unison. Unlike him, he just nodded to our greetings.

“Nnem,” he said to mum “what happened?”

“Look at them here” she replied, “ask them!”

“What is it?”

Chinasa and I looked at each other and as if on cue, said nothing.

Oburo mmadu kam na-aju?! Am I not talking to someone?” dad barked after we’ve said nothing for a while. Whenever my dad switches to our native tongue, you could tell that he has gone berserk. I took a step backward as I was closer to him. Mummy intervened by relaying the whole thing.

“What else did you expect?” Dad asked “bad influence!”

By that, I knew he meant me. I bit my lower lip. How come my dad doesn’t even know me? I asked myself this question as I’ve done several times before.

“So you now go partying ehn?” he asked my twin

“No’s not like was just a birthday party of one of our classmates” I noticed she’s changed her voice to that of a kid pleading for toffee. My twin, My twin

“Why didn’t you let I or your mum know about it before you left?”

“left!” Mum cut in “daddy you mean ‘Sneaked out’ ”

“Yes my dear” he agreed “Thanks for correcting me”

I rolled my eyes. Mum was just exacerbating the whole thing.

“You could have told me. I would’ve permitted’s better than leaving…” dad corrected himself “sneaking out like that”

“Gbam!” Mum hastily agreed as she sat down on dad’s bed

There was a deafening silence. I was staring at the floor the whole time not being confident enough to look dad in the face. Just when I thought the matter was coming to an end, mum came again

“And who knows how long they’ve been doing this?” She asked

“You’ve not said anything” dad was talking to me. I rose my head but did not know where to begin. Dad already thinks I’m the one that encouraged Chinasa to sneak out after all. Where will I start to explain so that he would believe? Let him think whatever he wants. I resolved within myself.

“Why did you push her to do this?” he asked

That’s it! I’ve had enough. I made to say something but Chinasa beat me to it

“Daddy we are very sorry. we won’t do it again” she said not dropping the candy seeking kid’s voice yet.

To cut it short, after the reprimanding, daddy gave Chinasa and me four strokes of the cane each and grounded us indefinitely. Chinasa took the strokes in good faith. I was in pain. Just Imagine adding four strokes to the one Mr. No Mercy gave me earlier coupled with the fact that I’m being blamed here, You’d understand how I felt.

I can remember that as we entered our room, I threw myself on the bed and said “Reserve all apologies. I’m so mad right now that I can’t even think of accepting any” To my surprise, Chinasa sighed “Apologies? who’s supposed to be apologizing here?”

I was too weak to shout or sit up at least but I was hurt “Will you ever appreciate the little things I do for you” I asked weakly

“oh spare me that! You didn’t do anything for me” she said “you were just making sure your grades don’t suffer”

I tightened my jaw and shut my eyes. It hurt so much. Yes, it was Quasi-true but if I wanted I could have snitched on her or declined to help her in the first place and not just about ‘covering for her’ but also the little sacrifices I make just to make her happy from our childhood. It’s either she fails to notice them or she notices but doesn’t feel there’s a need to be so grateful or maybe she’s grateful but does not know how best to express it. Arrgh, NO it can’t be. As long as I can remember, she’s always been like this and I’ve always been finding excuses for her, giving her the benefit of doubt at all times but that night, it hurt too much.

Instead of her to stop already, she continued “I called. You could have picked or texted to warn me but…”

“How could I have done that?” I snapped sitting up “Mum was standing right there beside my phone and oh, I recall someone said I should pretend to be asleep!”

“I did not say that. You did it!” She pointed out. True

“And so what? If I did not, mummy would have found out at once. I thought you are supposed to be the smart one here?”

“Oh please..please” she grimaced climbing onto the bed “Adjust I want to rest biko

I was glaring at her not budging a bit

“Ahnahn…Adjust naa”

“You could have just said I’m sorry’ I said still glaring at her “can’t You see it’s because of you I’m in this mess?”

“Hello? I’m in this mess too so don’t act as if you were the only one who’s grounded” she replied then budged me with her butt and lay down. I left the bed for her angrily and sat close to our study desk. I was expecting her to apologize even if it sounded forced, I wouldn’t have minded. You can guess that she didn’t. Instead

d, she began to sing (This is the same person who said that I act childishly). While singing, she got up from the bed I wholeheartedly left for her and came to the study to search for books she does not need for at the moment. Then she went back to the bed with them and almost immediately she came to drop the books.she was humming by then. Maybe she expected me to rant on, but when I disappointed her, she stopped and dialed someone

“Hello?” She said. I could not hear the voice from the other end

“Ahh..I’ve left already naa “she continued”I had something to take care of at home” pause. Laughter followed. “Not just wasn’t what I” she laughed again “I will see you tomorrow” pause “You too.Sweet dreams” she hung up and gasped.

As I was still struggling to keep my cool when mummy called from downstairs

“What are you girls doing there? Won’t you come and help me in the kitchen?”

“Dinner things,” Chinasa said as she walked out of the room. I sighed and followed suit. It was that night that it started. From that night we stopped talking to each other directly (you will get to understand what I mean later).

Meanwhile, the effect that evening had on me caused me in remembrance to lose my temper and say things I could never have said to an elder under normal circumstances. I feel the urge to tell you about it here and now but I will not let emotions make me digress. When we get there, I’ll give you the full list. You can trust me on that.



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