Twin Thoughts – Episode 2

Twin Thoughts
_My experience in becoming the student of my half and the delectable of my Parents_


Episode 2

I pour out my heart as I pen down this story because the things that happened within that period changed a lot about me. Or perhaps the people around me. Anyone can go but the magic word is “change”.

So, there I was, back in our room lying on the bed in a supine position thinking of what to do. A part of me was like “Relax girl, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. Snitch on her this time. You have no hand in this after all.” Another part of me rebuffed the thought.

“I can’t” I muttered shaking my head “I just can’t”

It’s been barely three minutes ago that mum asked me to call Chinasa so by now I’m sure she would not smell a rat. I sat up quickly looking around the room as though the solution was hidden somewhere in there. Lots of thoughts flew into my head and fled at once. What should I do? Perhaps I should go down and tell mum she went to buy something down the street.No.No.No. Mum would expect her back in a few minutes which is impossible.

Then, should I pretend to be her? Argh, I’ll is damned. I can’t fool mum.

Ben’s house is not so far from ours but for one to come back from there by this time of the evening plus the traffic congestion, one would take at the least, twenty minutes. And in this situation, twenty minutes is a whole lot of time!

I could hear the clock ticking. I had to do something but had no ideas yet. I grabbed my phone and dialed ‘Twinie’ expecting her to pick up at once. She didn’t. I dialed again this time I was on my feet already pacing the room. It rang but still wasn’t picked.” where the devil did you keep your phone?!” Shouted in exasperation.

I’ve heard from one or two people that courtesy demands that when you call someone once or twice at most and the person doesn’t pick, you should exercise patience and try to understand that the person might be caught up with something else and return the call later but in this case, I did not care for that balderdash. Courtesy, my eye!

I redialled but yet she didn’t pick up. Contrary to what you may be thinking, I knew she was with her phone and purposely ignoring my calls. I just knew it. I went to the message box and typed deftly as though my life depended on it.

“MUM CAME BACK UNEXPECTEDLY…SHE DOESN’T knows YOU’RE NT IN YET…SHE’S ASKED OF U THOUGH…HURRY HOME!!” I hit send. My intuit was confirmed at that moment because she replied immediately. Her message said

“Lol.sis, I knew you’d try to make me come home sooner. It’s a boring party. I will be home before 8!” I sighed. I should have known. Oh, did I tell you? My sis hardly believes anything without proof and I don’t know how to prove to her that mum is at home without wasting more time. I just gave up on her. Thy will be done o Lord, I surrendered. I will just watch tonight’s drama unfold from afar. I have nothing to lose after all.

But then she called. I felt the need to ignore her but on second thoughts decided against it.


“Did you mean it when you said mum came back?” Came her voice from the other end

“You think I’m joking?” I asked

She was silent for a while “I’ll be on my way then!” She exclaimed, “Just tell her I’m asleep okay?”

“Good idea” I concurred “but what if she decides to check on us? I cannot clone myself, you know?”

“Don’t be silly. she hardly does that by this time”

” ‘hardly’ you say, not ‘never’ ” I retorted

She sighed. “Don’t Worry. I’ll. Change clothes and pretend to be sleeping” I said. And when I sensed she was about to protest, I added “Just to be on the safe side”

She grunted “OK.whatever. I’ll be home in five minutes” she joked

“Oh, I wish,” I said before I hung up.

I rushed downstairs but mum wasn’t in the sitting room anymore.

“Mum?” I called. She answered from the kitchen

“Mum, she’s sleeping, “I said from the sitting room not wanting to face her “I tried waking her but she wouldn’t”

“Okay dear” Mum replied

I ran back to our room and changed into another dress. I lay on the bed and used the bedspread to cover my whole body but sensing that this would look suspicious if mum does come inside, I brought it down to shoulder level and played possum.

After much time had passed and when I was beginning to think that mum would not come, the door opened and someone walked in. MUM. I could tell from her cologne. She stood over me and watched. I wanted to blink but good Lord, No. She bent and I could feel her hot breath on my face. She was looking at me more closely! Did she know already? I held my breath expecting her to pull the covers and ask me why I’m pretending to be my twin but instead, she kissed my forehead. I exhaled. Thank heavens. She began to walk out of the room. Just then, my phone rang. GBAGAM!!!

I was pretty sure it would be Chinasa calling to tell me she’s home and ask where mum and dad are so she would avoid crossing their paths. But I couldn’t pick as I noticed that mum stopped in her tracks. I risked opening one eye out of curiosity. Mum was casting a lingering glance at my phone. I wasn’t panicking yet mind you, I saved her contact with ‘Twinnie’.Mum would think I’m the one calling Chinasa. But then it struck me. What if mum picks up? She’d recognize Chinasa’s voice but thankfully, mum just shook her head and muttered something I couldn’t make out and started walking out of the door.

“Chinasa!” She screamed just after she closed the door. I didn’t understand.was she calling me? How could she? She just walked out of here or…God forbid, did she run into Chinasa?

The door was opened at once”Chinaza!” Mum called. Dang it, everything’s gone pear-shaped. I heard brisk footsteps

“CHINAZA!”mum called with greater intensity” will you get up from there or I’ll..I’ll…”

I reluctantly sat up on the bed before mum would get to me first.    Chinasa was by the door shaking with fear, mum was few steps away from the bed.she was visibly livid “Oh, So this is what it is ehn?”

She asked looking at me arms akimbo. she turned to Chinasa in utmost anger “By the way, where are you coming from young woman?”. Chinasa glanced at me arching a brow just like I did in class earlier. I could have found that funny if not for the situation at hand. I looked at mum. Mum stared at me and then back to my twin.




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