Twin Thoughts – Episode 1

Twin Thoughts
_My experience in becoming the student of my half and the delectable of my Parents_


“I’ll need you to cover for me” Chinasa blurted out all of a sudden. We were in our room that evening after school. I was playing a game (temple run) on my phone whereas, She’d been staring blankly at the ceiling.Even without her saying it, I already knew something was up.

Typical Chinasa would be in the room doing nothing by this time of the evening. She’d have been in the study or sitting room enjoying her favorite TV series or better still, stay in the room and give me an earful of things I have no interest in. This perception and deliberate attitude apprise me of her dubious ways. Alas, I knew she was planning to go out and strategizing her usual plan but I decided to keep calm and let her land first.

When it became obvious that I wasn’t going to reply, she poked me.

“Oooohhhh..!”I barked “can’t you see I’m busy here?”

“I was talking to you,” she said. I pretended to be so engrossed in the game and did not say anything. That was when she declared her intention.

“I’m going to Ben’s birthday party”

Ben is one of our classmates and with whom my sister tussles with over the first position.

“When?” I asked without diverting my concentration on my phone’s screen.

“So, you have to cover for me” she instructed rather than asked.

“See this one ooo”!
I said in my mind “After declining to help me in class today, she still has the nerves to ask for my help. This girl no know me well o”

After Mr.No Mercy dealt with me in his office, my concentration was no longer in the remaining classes but on how best to retaliate. And here comes my chance!

Since we came into senior secondary, Chinasa became friends with Vanessa a transfer student from London (I don’t know her story) and since then, they’ve been cool friends. Vanessa has succeeded in imparting some western ways and beliefs to my twin sister. To expatiate, Chinasa knows too well that we aren’t allowed to go partying except they are birthday parties of our family friends and our close friends from school that our parents know. Even at that, they would tell us the time they expect us to be back home which at most times is 6:30 pm but since she became friends with Vanessa, she hardly cares about that rule. Whenever she feels like, she would ask me to ‘cover for her and she does this whenever our mummy won’t be back till the next day.

Our mother is a psychiatrist and her workplace is far from our house. So whenever she is on evening shifts and the duty roster says she is on morning duty the next day, she spends the night at the hospital then works in the morning before coming back to the house. So that was the case here. Mummy has gone to work and we are pretty sure she won’t be back till tomorrow. So, she thinks her plan as usual is already set in motion. We don’t know how mummy always recognizes us even if we swap our favorite clothes. On the other hand, daddy doesn’t. This makes covering for her a little bit easier. A little, because I find it hard pretending to be her even if it’s just for one hour or thereabout. I’ll have to become a forever smiling chatterbox, carrying books up and down, playfully tussling with dad over the remote, starting up friendly father-daughter conversations and stuff like that (which I am so not used to).

“Chinasa, you’re not saying anything o,” she said. I saw from my mind’s eye that she was looking at me angrily for being reticent since she brought up this conversation but I did not bother so much as to even glance at her. I couldn’t risk this game. I’d vowed that I would see the end of this temple run and so far, today, I’m making remarkable progress as I swiftly ducked and sped along, covering distances I’d never covered before, collecting more and more gems and coins. this point, I was engrossed in the game.

“Say something naa!” She demanded

“Okay, fine!”I said as I paused the game and dropped the phone on the bed. Facing Chinasa “I’ll say something,” I said as I crossed my arms studying her. I noted from her countenance a burgeoning curiosity

“I’m not covering for you”

She grunted “I expected that”

“Did you?” I retorted

She stood up from the beds and walked to the wardrobe at the far end of the room.

“common Naza you’re being so puerile. I know it’s about what happened today” she said while trying to pick out a dress.

“I’m glad you know,” I said reaching for my phone

“Not so fast!” She said. walking back to the bed and holding up two clothes “should I go in the red gown or the black one?”

“Hello?”I waved at her.”I just said I’m not covering for you so I don’t think there’s need for picking out a dress” I then resumed the game. She laughed that high pitched laughter of hers then said “You know if you don’t do as I say, I will not help you with your science assignments and tutoring”

“I expected that” I mimicked still focused on the game but truly, I did not expect that. Damn, Chinasa can be so ruthless. She doesn’t just issue threats. If I don’t help her, how can I pass sciences this term? I know I could solicit help from another person but I don’t get it when anybody else tutors me. It has to be Chinasa and she knows this. I paused the game again and glared at her. She smiled knowing she’d struck home. I was pissed off. It’s my quickest chance to get back at her but lo, my hands are tied. She knows I wouldn’t be foolish enough to risk my grades for revenge.”I can still find another way to revenge”I thought

“When are you going to be back?” I asked

Her smile broadened”uhhm…let’s say by 8 or 8:30 pm”


“The party’s to start by I’m guessing that by eight, I would be home,” she said. I rolled my eyes then resumed my game again. That instant, I crashed.

“NOOOOO!!!” I screamed”No No No…”I continued as I rolled on the bed flailing my arms and kicking the air in anger. I had paused the game in a dangerous zone without thinking. And I resumed it without being prepared to jump over an obstacle at once. Chinasa cackled and I thought I heard her say “Las Las” before she went to take a shower leaving me alone to brood over my defeat. I lost the chance to affect my revenge and also lost my precious game as well all because of her and all she could do was to laugh me to scorn. I swore that instant that I’d take my revenge a very sweet one.

She soon came out of the bathroom, dressed, and primped herself up

“You made the right choice, Twinniee,” she said as she dashed out of the house before dad would come back from work.

When she left, I traded one of my gems for another life and resumed playing. Not too long after, a car horn tooted and drive into the compound. I glanced at the wall clock. It said 5:40. Dad came back a little bit early. He usually comes back by six or some minutes past six. I stopped playing then rushed into one of Chinasa’s favorite indoor wears then braced myself to become “The other version of me”.

Wearing a fake broad smile, I ran down the stairs hoping to welcome dad the way she always does

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” I exclaimed running down the stairs “wait till I tell you all that happened today at…” I stopped in mid-sentence. My countenance changed at once. we certainly did not think it through. Mummy walked into the sitting room and threw herself on the couch. She looked up and sighted me

“Mummy g-g-good evening” I stuttered

“Evening my dear” she replied.

Though my feet seemed cemented to the floor, I managed a U-turn and started walking back to our room when mum said “call Chinasa for me” I stood at a spot mouth wide open in shock.


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Jeremiah Alayo

Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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