Twin Thought – Episode 7

Twin Thoughts
_My experience in becoming the student of my half and the delectable of my Parents_



When we walked in, dad and Chinasa were sitting at the dining table. Dinner was served but they’d been patiently waiting for mum and me.

On sighting us, Chinasa ran to me and caged me in an embrace.

“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry” she said. Words failed me. Are my ears playing tricks on me?

“I was apologizing then” she continued, “I thought you’d sense it”

“You should have been plain,” I said

“Now I know,” she said “I’m truly sorry for everything”


Dad was watching from the table nodding satisfactorily. I broke free from the embrace remembering I had something of utmost importance to do.

“I forgave you back then, “I said to her.

She blinked “Really?”

I nodded and walked to dad. His eyes never left me. I knelt beside him

“Daddy I know I deserve to be punished for the way I misbehaved,” I said”I did not mean it to sound like that. I’m sorry”

All these while, I’ve been staring at the floor as usual.

“Chinaza” he said “look at me”

Just like it happened with mum, dad’s countenance wasn’t as expected. It wasn’t like he had punishment in mind.

“I’m very sorry daddy” I continued pleading. He smiled as he pulled me up.


He did not embrace me like the others but he acted chivalrously by pulling the chair beside him and asking me to sit.


I was reluctant about the whole thing.

I’d come home to face the music, not this.

Everyone was being too nice. Mum said grace and everyone started digging in. I’d lost my appetite.


How sure am I that dad wasn’t smiling just to trick me but hiding his ‘akpurekwe’ under the table?


How sure am I that Chinasa was not clenching her fist while smiling at me?


What if mum had been sent to lure me into their trap?


Well, I can tell you now that it wasn’t what I thought. My parents understood and my twin was truly repentant.


We had a long talk after dinner. Dad started by apologizing for making it seem he took sides.

“And I want you to know that all my children are my favorite,” he said afterward.

“Chinaza you said something about not liking sciences”

I frowned and hesitated.

“Don’t be afraid. Tell us what you want, Naza” mum chipped in.


So I did but this time, in a more relaxed manner. We took the decisions together.

I’d be switching to art class on resumption and for me to meet up, dad would get me a private tutor ASAP.


I couldn’t believe it was happening!


Contrary to what I thought, the holiday was the best so far.


Dad ungrounded us. Although I was busy studying with my private tutor, I had a little time to make new friends in the neighborhood. I even became friends with Vanessa!

From a distance, I’d been thinking she’s such a prima donna but during the holiday, I got to know her better. She’s got this high self-esteem and a good sense of humor.

The only thing I have to keep reminding her is that we are Africans and African parents do not behave the way westerners do especially when it comes to child upbringing.


I was elated when school resumed. I had told Olisa over the phone but promised to give him the full gist on resumption.

When I relayed everything, he was happy for me.

“I’m sure Mr.No Mercy will miss you” he joked.

“I’ll not miss him,” I said and we laughed as though on cue.


Dad was wrong when he said Arts is meant for the less brilliant ones. Few weeks into the term, I still found myself struggling to catch on but there’s a huge difference when you’re trying to catch on just for the sake of catching on and catching on because that’s what you really want.


It wasn’t easy but with determination and perseverance, I caught on and even surpassed many. The teachers were flabbergasted at my meteoric improvement.


I told myself they’re not seen anything yet!


The atmosphere at home is positively different. My relationship with my twin is better, school seems fun nowadays and my dreams of becoming a writer are seemingly coming to pass. Can you believe it? I’ll be representing my school in an essay competition next month. I can hardly believe it myself!


Oh, and by the way, I swore to make my revenge a sweet one? Don’t get it twisted. I’ve forgiven her. It’s just for the fun of it. I want to prank her though I’ve got no ideas yet…



I don’t know if ‘Happily ever after’ only happens in fairytales but, I can say with conviction that for this very moment, I am happy.


Extremely happy.



The end.


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Jeremiah Alayo

Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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