All Candidates who chose Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) as their first choice in Jamb,  I will be discussing their things you should know about, OOU, OOU POST UTME, LIKELY TO COME OUT DURING THE EXAM and OOU ADMISSION.


Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye is a state (owned and operated) university in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. The university was established June  1982, as Ogun State University (OSU) and was renamed Olabisi Onabanjo University on May 29, 2001, in honor of Chief (Dr.) Olabisi Onabanjo, whose accomplishments as the then civilian governor of Ogun State gave birth to the university. Meanwhile, many students still relate to the institution as OSU, an acronym for the former name.

The university has had a total outcome of 10,291 graduates and 1,697 postgraduates.

Olabisi Onabanjo University has many campuses. The Main Campus in Ago-Iwoye is popularly called Permanent Site (PS) by the students and a Mini Campus which was the home of the Faculty of Science till it was shifted to the permanent site in January 2013. Faculty of Agriculture is in Aiyetoro, faculty of Engineering is in Ibogun, College of Medicine, faculties of Basic Medical Sciences, and Pharmacy are in Shagamu. Students and alumni of the Olabisi Onabanjo University are recognized as ‘Great OOUITES.’



These are what you should have attained before you can apply for POST UTME OOU

OOU Post UTME Eligibility Criteria

UTME Candidates

  • UTME candidates that picked the University with a minimum score of 180 in their  UTME Results.
  • Candidates who did not pick the University but with a minimum score of 180 in their UTME results and wish to change to the University as First Choice on or before the post will be out.

Direct Entry Candidates

  • Candidates with ‘A’ Level/ OND/HND/NCE/A’LEVEL/JUPEB Results/Certificate or First Degree who had applied for Direct Entry Admission through JAMB into the University.
  • Candidates who possess a Diploma certificate of the University and who had applied for Direct Entry admission through JAMB into the University.
  • Candidates with Diploma from other approved institutions with a minimum of Upper Credit who had applied through JAMB for Direct Entry admission into the University.

 Will OOU conduct UTME (PUTME)Screening for 2020/2021session?

The Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State will conduct a Post-UTME (PUTME) Screening for candidates who wish to be admitted into the University for 2020/2021 Academic year.

How OOU Post UTME is Structured


OOU crucial area of concentration used to be CONCORD (not until the last session that everything changed), though you can’t escape it and they like preparing Questions under the abnormality of the rules).

Secondly, you must be decent with spellings, because you’re probable to come across it a lot. Spellings like, enunciation, concession, liaison, lieutenant, broccoli, Scissors, Acknowledgement, and all sorts are to be expected.

Then question tag as well, Synonyms and Antonyms, Lexis and structure, few stress pattern and the other aspects will be on Phrase and Clause (study everything you can about this two), as from last year, phrasal Verb, Adverbial Clause etcetera are unavoidable questions in OOU post UTME.

In Mathematics, make sure you know probability, change of subject of formulae, words problem in general, simple interest, and some common sense general mathematics (though there will be rare questions on it). Don’t think because you’re not a science student and disregard Mathematics, since you’ve done it in your O’level, the University speculates you should have proper knowledge of it.

Lastly, in General paper (current affairs), they used to ask some common things in Biology or Geography, trouble not, you are common with them. I could recall one question I saw during my exam back then, I was asked that “A preceding Nigeria CBN Governor is a Monarch in the capital city of his state, what is his name and the state?”. Also, The longest river in the world is……? Is it Mississippi, Amazon, or Nile? – if you Google search, I’m sure you won’t have a definite answer. You can see how fun that is? Please, be tutored accordingly.

The Post UTME is 50 questions.

Things to take note for OOU 2020 Post UTME exam

As we all understand, the Post UTME is precisely Computer Based Test (CBT), and the school will test candidates on 3 major subjects – which are: English Language, Mathematics, and General Subject (Current affairs).

Throughout the years, the Post UTME questions are mostly based on Concord, but if you still found your reading on CONCORD in this 2020, then you are writing a letter to something else.

This year, you should take note of these topics:

1. Phrases

2. Clauses

3. Sentence (Simple, Compound, Complex)

4. The fundamental rules of Question tag

5. And lastly, don’t forget your Concord

6. Collocation

7. Synonyms and antonyms

Take note of these spelling

1. Liaison 2. Committee 3. Scissors 4. Broccoli 5. Accommodation 6. Acknowledgment 7. Pronunciation 8. Lieutenant 9. Privilege 10. Receive 11. Occasion 12. Luggage 13. Preferred 14. Maintenance 15. Questionnaire 16. Embarrassment 17. Harassment 18. Diarrhea 19. Ecstasy 20. Omission 21. Referee

  • For your current affairs, be familiar with the military regime and how they hand over power to the civilian, know the CBN Governors (present and past) including the one that’s now a monarch Make sure you know the difference between Biography and autobiography. Be familiar with the full meaning of some Common acronyms (e.g AIDS – the ‘A’ is Acquired and not Acquire)
  • For your Mathematics, don’t belittle yourself that you don’t know Maths, because I won’t say the Maths are really calculations but a word problem mostly (and this has to do with how well you understand English and how you can easily relate it with calculations) And don’t give the excuse that you’re not a science student, the maths are from general mathematics, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re smart… Also, don’t form over Sabi and leave a question unanswered, OOU doesn’t award mark for that (to them it’s laziness). If you can as well avoid a sit with a laptop and no external mouse, please do (if you know you know). For the documents to take along: your Jamb registration slip, payment receipt, your scheduled slip together with your HB pencil. Note: Your scheduling slip is the most important document you should take to the exam center As you go to your various center, please be punctual (be at the center at least 30minutes before your exam), be modest in your dressing, be time steward and importantly, be smart!

In nutshell, please be smart For Questions/Enquiries – 09028467181 JABLAG9JA EDUCATION CONSULT

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