Story Of Success – Part 4

Story Of Success;



The news about POST UTME, change of institution and courses, awakened new hopes within me. I rushed home and told my parents but they, being quite unlearned, thought it unreasonable.

“Your score is too poor”

“What can you do with 213?”

“At least… I can change to a lower course and I’d surely get it. Then, hopefully, next year I’ll apply for a change, of course, using my GP”

“You think it’s that easy, eh?” mum asked

“You should start now to prepare for next year’s JAMB” dad added “I’ll not spend money for something I’m not sure about”

Mum supported him and despite my pleas, they didn’t budge. If my hopes weren’t raised at first, I would have patiently waited for the next year to come but having my fresh hopes dashed right after it’d been raised, my vexation knew no bounds.

   Towards the end of the year, I kept congratulating others upon receiving news of their admission. Including my best friend. When the news of her admission hit me, I didn’t know whether to cry or smile but I comported myself and congratulated her as well. Don’t get me wrong. I was happy for her just that things weren’t going well for me at all.

  I was about to slip into depression but mum noticed it on time. She invited aunty Rose over one day solely to talk to me. I can never forget that day in my lifetime. She told me her own story in detail; how she sought admission for years before she got it, how people also jeered at her because she was known to be intelligent, how she refused to give in to her defeat…

“Now I’m a graduate of Radiography,” she said “I’m working and living happily but interestingly, some of those who laughed at me isn’t up to this level yet” she concluded

   I got motivated and thanked her immensely. We talked about other things, cooked and ate together like we used to. Before she left, she dropped a book for me- Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrell. It was the first motivational book I’d ever read in my life. I didn’t fancy motivational but I took it. If there was anything I needed that period, it was motivation.

   That was in October. 

   The next day, I went to register in a public library not far from my house. I resolved to start preparing for the next exam.

“I must shame my village people,” I thought

I became extremely serious. My family had never seen me that serious about anything in my life and I could tell they were very happy that I hadn’t sunk into a depression-like some others.


During that time I started studying, I realized my weaknesses. I realized that my previous failure was of my own making. I began to master the way JAMB sets their questions and the way they supply options that seem like the answer just to confuse some.

   At that time, I began to work on myself. That book ‘Attitude is everything’ also helped me. From October to December, it was intense studying and because the library was sparsely populated, I kept frequenting the place.

  By January, JAMB  forms were out. I registered not too long after. Mum advised I should step down from that medicine and put a medical course I will be able to get, that still makes sense so I chose Nursing. Because JAMB registration has commenced, the library gradually became crowded so I stopped going there.

   Since mum and dad go to work every day and my siblings go to school, I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t study at home.  Studying at home seemed even better because there was not a single disturbance. Well…until my siblings come back at least.

   Towards the end of January, I thought it wise to enroll in a tutorial at least for a month because although I had conquered Physics, I still had a lot that I did not understand in Chemistry. So I started attending tutorials again but in a different place.

   My best friend though in school, kept keeping in touch and also motivating me. I’d made friends from the library and my new tutorial center and they made positive impacts in my life.

    When the exam dates were fixed, I could hear some people complaining that it was too soon but I didn’t think so. I was wishing for the exam date to come so I can write this thing and get it over with. Before I knew it, the D-day came and I confidently went into the hall and when I got out, there was this inner joy I felt. English, Biology, and Physics did not give me such a hard time but Chemistry did, unfortunately. It even got to a point I was just clicking answers because I didn’t understand the questions and time wasn’t on my side anymore.

   But all in all, I knew within myself that I wrote well. How well I’d written…is what I’d find out in the next four days.



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