Story Of Success- Part 1

Story of success; an interesting success story of a secondary school girl who wishes to write her UTME immediately before she leaves school…but her ambition wasn’t met because her father insisted…let find out

Did she later aim for her success?

Read more below;


Story of success

That day, I walked into the class angrily. That was the day JAMB exams would begin. I had begged my dad to let me sit for the exam that year all to no avail and what’s more, his reasons were all baseless; That I’m too young to go into the university and that it’s a computer-based test. So I’ll have to go to a computer college to acquire knowledge on how to operate a computer! Can you imagine?

First, I was 16 years old then and I knew a lot of my mates that were also sitting for the exam and although we did not have a PC at home, I knew the basics of computers. I tried talking him out of his decision but he didn’t budge. So you can imagine my annoyance when I walked into the class and noticed that some people were not present.

Favor, my best friend noticed my mood at once. She’s one person that will always know when I’m down no matter how I pretend.

“What’s up?” she asked, giving me that concerned look of hers.

We’d talked about that issue over and over again and I did not intend to bore her again with my complaints. It was too late then. It’s not like I could register for the exam that minute and it’s not my classmates’ fault that they were lucky to be sitting for the exam while I wasn’t.

“It’s nothing” I replied, “how far?” 

She made a face “Don’t tell me  you’re still angry about this”

I gasped and turned to her ‘How can I possibly not be angry? It was our dream to sit for this exam together, gain admission into UNN, become coursemates, and roomies too. Since you’re going first, it’s not likely to be possible anymore. Don’t you get?”

She laughed “Precious, that I’m sitting for the exam doesn’t guarantee I’d be admitted oo. Shey you know?” she asked “there’s still a long way to go”

“Are you seriously wishing yourself bad luck right  now?”

“How can I be wishing myself bad luck?” she asked “it’s just fact”

“What stupid fact!’ I barked

  If you must know, I used to be someone who never believed in failure. Everything has to go as planned and it had always been like that for me. So, hearing her utter those words surprised me.

“Two of my elder sisters sat for JAMB twice before they could secure admission” she pressed on.

“There are people out there who sit for the exam once and they’re in school already,” I said immediately

“I don’t doubt it” replied Favour  “but at times, things don’t go as planned. Your system could develop a fault, a brain freeze could occur and even if every other thing goes is okay, remember it’s JAMB we are talking about here. JAMB!”

   It’s always said that JAMB is a very tough examination and on skimming through the pas questions my friend has been studying for the past three months, I concurred.

“And so what?” I retorted stubbornly ‘Is it not an exam? Is it not people that will write it? Those that pass it in flying colors, do they have two heads?”

   She sighed heavily and gave up. To get into an argument with me is like going for a war. You’ll have to be very prepared or you’ll be crushed mercilessly. To that effect, people who know me well, modify me as ‘A kwechilified somebody’

“One day you will understand,” she told me

“I will not. If one fails, it’s because one isn’t prepared’

“I knew you’d say that but there are many unseen factors that could make one fail in any endeavor” she paused “failure isn’t bad,” she said and I looked at her as though she’d gone bonkers.

“The only bad thing is you choose to remain on the ground when you fall. Failure will push you to stand, dust yourself up, and try again. This time, giving it your best shot”

   I shook my head in pity and touched her forehead  “No wonder’ I said “you’re running temperature”

She laughed s she removed my hand from her head ‘Leave me joor…”

   I staggered into the house as weak as ever. All thanks to our biology teacher. The man never gets tired when teaching. I wonder if he’s drawing energy from a power source. He can stand for hours and teach yet he will not be drained at all. Worst-case scenarios would be the days we would have his subject in the last period.

 Just like that day.

   He taught us throughout his period and even used the assembly time. Even after the assembly, we were still imprisoned in the classroom. Perhaps he would have freed us if we unanimously told him that we were tired but the ITK students who pride themselves as the most serious students in the class would keep telling him to ride on.

   I dropped my schoolbag on top of my bed, rushed to wash my hands in the toilet sink, and made my way into the kitchen. I opened the pots one after the other. Lo and behold, all the pots were empty except for one that had burnt remains of spaghetti at the bottom. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Ifechukwu!” I shouted at the top of my voice resolving that this madness had to stop. Almost every day my junior brother will come back and eat the food that was meant for both of us. What’s living in that stomach of his, is what I’m yet to find out.

“Ifechukwu!” I shouted again now arms akimbo

“Yes” he answered distantly

   I heard some footsteps that made their way behind me so I turned swiftly “Why did you finish the food again?” I lashed out before I realized it was aunty Rose.

“Aunty good evening” I greeted

“Evening” she replied then cast a glance at the pot I was holding

“Did II feel finish the food again?”

“Exactly!” I exclaimed “I’ll finish that boy today. It’s today that he will know the kind of person I am”

   As I was still ranting, Ifechukwu entered the kitchen

“Sister, Good evening” he greeted

“What happened to the food in here?”

He scratched his head and looked away

“Am I not talking to someone?!” 

He started “ERM…sister, the food wasn’t that much so I ate it all but I said whenever you come back, I’ll prepare noodles for you”

“You did this the day before yesterday and I made noodles. Today again, you want me to eat noodles. Why didn’t you eat noodles and leave my share of the food for me?”

   He started scratching his head again. Something he does whenever he feels helpless. Aunty Rose poked him that instant 

“I’m sorry,” he said 

Then aunty Rose took over from there. She calmed me down and gave my brother some money to buy me a chilled can of coke and sausage rolls while she fixed porridge yam in the kitchen.

   I was seeing a movie in the sitting room when she served the meal. We ate together and chatted for a while. You’re probably wondering who Aunty Rose is, right? She’s my mother’s niece who’s doing her internship at a teaching hospital very close to our house. So for the past four months, she had been living with us. We got along pretty well and she was just like a big sister to me. I told her almost everything. That day, I told her how I was feeling about being left behind and her reply wasn’t much different from my best friend’s. It was as though she borrowed words from her.

“But…my mates will be a year ahead of me”

“Is that your fear?” she laughed and told me about some of her mates that had scorned her but now, some of them aren’t up to her level.

“So, calm down,” she told me “there’s no need to regretting that you’re not sitting for the exam this year. You can’t do anything about it now. What you have to do is to be studying to pass your WAEC in flying colors then, next year you’ll sit for JAMB”

I sighed unsatisfactorily “Thank you”

“I see you’re not happy about my answer,” she said and smiled at me but I didn’t return the smile. I went back to eating my food

“If you have a positive mindset, you’ll make something good out of  this one year delay; learn a skill, discover yourself…” she paused abruptly as if she’d just remembered something “if I may ask, which course do  you want to study?”

   I may be quick at getting answers in the classroom, quick at answering intelligent questions and stuff like that but that question she just asked…that one question, was one that’d always thrown me off balance.






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