RSU post utme screening date

Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) :Post UTME Screening Form for 2020/2021 Academic Session,Official Courses,Tuition Fees

RSU post UTME form: River State University(RSU) post UTME Form for 2020/2021 is out. Check below to see how to apply and other details below;

RSU post utme screening date

This is to notify all UTME and Direct Entry (DE), prospective students of River State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), that the Post UTME and direct entry form are out.

Candidates Qualified to Apply for RSUST Post UTME Form

  1. The screening exercise for admission of candidates will be administered only on candidates who chose RSU as their first choice University.
  2. Only candidates who scored 180 and above in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) are qualified for the screening exercise in all the Faculties of the University.
  3. Candidates must acquire the basic five (5) O’ level credit passes by the University’s Entry Requirements (Faculty /Departmental) before applying for the screening Exercise. Candidates must upload their O ‘Level results and a scanned copy of their passport photograph. However, candidates who are awaiting their O’level results may apply but should so indicate.

How to Apply for RSUST Post UTME Form.

You must pay the sum of N2000 non-refundable as the screening fee.

Candidates are expected to register for the screening exercise Online by logging onto making an e-payment of Two thousand naira (N2,000.00) only by using Interswitch Verve enabled cards or using the Pay Direct Bank Branch option.

Candidates are encouraged to come to the Self Help of the Information Technology Centre, Rivers State University for RELIABLEregistration and BIOMETRICS.


  1. Visit or and click on Applications
  2. Click on the Programme REGULAR under Application Name “2020/2021 POST UTME SCREENING EXERCISE FOR ADMISSION
  3. Click on BUY PIN, Enter your Name, email, and Phone numbers, then Click on Pay with Pay Panel. Note that it is candidates’ phone numbers and email addresses that are required.
  4. Click on Continue, select Payment Method (Payment Using Debit Card and Bank Branch Option are available), and click on Continue to Payment.
  5. Enter Debit Card details and Complete Payment.
  6. A PIN will be displayed and also sent to your email.
  7. Enter the PIN in the PIN section of the Application and Click on Start Application.
  8. Follow the Application Process to the end and Print out your Screening Exercise Slip.
  9. Applicants are expected to have all information required for this Application such as JAMB Registration Number, O’level Results, and Personal Data.

RSU Post UTME Screening  Date

The Post-UTME screening exercise will be online. Click Here to See the Screening Date and venue

List of Courses Offered In RSUST

Faculty Of Engineering

  • Department of Agriculture & Environmental
  • Department of Chemical/Petroleum
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Marine Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Petroleum Engineering

Faculty Of Agriculture

  • Department of Animal Science
  • Department of Forestry And Environment
  • Department of Food Science And Technology
  • Department of Home Science And Management
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Department of Crop/soil Science
  • Department of Agricultural Economics And Extension

Faculty Of Environmental Sciences

  • Department of Land Survey
  • Department of Estate Management
  • Department of Quantity Surveying
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Urban And Regional Planning

Faculty Of Law

  • Department of Business Law
  • Department of International Law
  • Department of Private Property Law
  • Department of Public Law

Faculty Of Management Sciences

  • Department of Office And Information Management
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Secretarial Administration
  • Department of Mass Communication
  • Department of Banking And Finance
  • Department of Accountancy

Faculty Of Science

  • Department of Mathematics/Computer Science
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Medical Laboratory Science
  • Department of Applied And Environmental Biology

Faculty Of Technical & Science Education

  • Department of Science And Technical Education
  • Department of Educational Foundations
  • Department of Business Education

Tuition Fees In River State University of Science And Technology (RSUST)

Note: Mobile users should scroll to the side to see the full view.

Tuition Fees For Fresh Students :

FacultyDepartmentFresh Students
Rivers StateOther States
AgricultureAgricultural And Applied Economics₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
AgricultureAgricultural Economics And Extension₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
AgricultureAgricultural Extension And Rural Development₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
AgricultureAnimal Science₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
AgricultureCrop/Soil Science₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
AgricultureFood Science And Technology₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
AgricultureForestry And Environment₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
AgricultureHome Science And Management₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Basic Medical SciencesHuman Anatomy₦90,000.00₦150,000.00
Basic Medical SciencesHuman Physiology₦90,000.00₦150,000.00
Basic Medical SciencesNursing₦90,000.00₦150,000.00
College Of Medical SciencesMedicine And Surgery₦90,000.00₦150,000.00
EngineeringAgricultural And Environmental₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
Environmental SciencesArchitecture₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Environmental SciencesEstate Management₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Environmental SciencesQuantity Surveying₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Environmental SciencesSurveying And Geomatics₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Environmental SciencesUrban And Regional Planning₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
EducationBusiness Education₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
EducationEducational Foundations₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Education inEducational Management.₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
EducationLibrary And Information Science₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
EducationScience Education₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
EducationTechnical Education₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
EducationVocational/Technical Education₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
HumanitiesEnglish And Literature In English₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
HumanitiesHistory And International Diplomacy₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
HumanitiesReligious Studies₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
HumanitiesTheater Arts₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
LawBusiness Law₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
LawInternational Law And Jurisprudence₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
LawPrivate And Property Law₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
LawPublic Law₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
Management SciencesAccountancy₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Management SciencesBanking And Finance₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Management SciencesManagement₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Management SciencesMarketing₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Management SciencesMass Communication₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Management SciencesOffice And Information Management₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
ScienceAnimal & Environmental Biology₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
ScienceApplied And Environmental Biology₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
ScienceComputer Science₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
ScienceMathematics/Computer Science₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
ScienceMedical Laboratory Science₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
SciencePlant Science & Biotechnology₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Social SciencesEconomics₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Social SciencesGeography And Environmental Management₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Social SciencesPolitical Science₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Social SciencesPsychology₦70,000.00₦120,000.00
Social SciencesSociology₦70,000.00₦120,000.00

Tuition Fees For Returning Students:

FacultyDepartmentReturning Students
Rivers StateOther States
AgricultureAgricultural And Applied Economics₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
AgricultureAgricultural Economics And Extension₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
AgricultureAgricultural Extension And Rural Development₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
AgricultureAnimal Science₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
AgricultureCrop/Soil Science₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
AgricultureFood Science And Technology₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
AgricultureForestry And Environment₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
AgricultureHome Science And Management₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Basic Medical SciencesHuman Anatomy₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
Basic Medical SciencesHuman Physiology₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
Basic Medical SciencesNursing₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
College Of Medical SciencesMedicine And Surgery₦80,000.00₦130,000.00
EngineeringAgricultural And Environmental₦60,000.00₦110,000.00
Environmental SciencesArchitecture₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Environmental SciencesEstate Management₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Environmental SciencesQuantity Surveying₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Environmental SciencesSurveying And Geomatics₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Environmental SciencesUrban And Regional Planning₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
EducationBusiness Education₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
EducationEducational Foundations₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Education inEducational Management.₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
EducationLibrary And Information Science₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
EducationScience Education₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
EducationTechnical Education₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
EducationVocational/Technical Education₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
HumanitiesEnglish And Literature In English₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
HumanitiesHistory And International Diplomacy₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
HumanitiesReligious Studies₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
HumanitiesTheater Arts₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
LawBusiness Law₦60,000.00₦110,000.00
LawInternational Law And Jurisprudence₦60,000.00₦110,000.00
LawPrivate And Property Law₦60,000.00₦110,000.00
LawPublic Law₦60,000.00₦110,000.00
Management Sciences[Accountancy]₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Management SciencesBanking And Finance₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Management SciencesManagement₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Management SciencesMarketing₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Management SciencesMass Communication₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Management SciencesOffice And Information Management₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
ScienceAnimal & Environmental Biology₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
ScienceApplied And Environmental Biology₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
ScienceComputer Science₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
ScienceMathematics/Computer Science₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
ScienceMedical Laboratory Science₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
SciencePlant Science & Biotechnology₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Social SciencesEconomics₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Social SciencesGeography And Environmental Management₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Social SciencesPolitical Science₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Social SciencesPsychology₦55,000.00₦90,000.00
Social SciencesSociology₦55,000.00₦90,000.00

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