Never Give Up -Part 2

Her mom tells me that they have actually wanted to tell me to come live with them a long time ago as they knew about how poor my well being was but they didn’t know how I would take it. She also says that since I am Denise’s closest friend and she’s always lonely as she’s an only child, it would be nice if we stayed together.
I’m so touched that I hug her again and I tear up lightly. I quickly rub the stray tear away and I apologize for it, expressing my deepest gratitude.
We settle for dinner and they make me eat like a king.
Denise and I hurry to college the next morning and we’re even closer then before. We prepare for exams and pass excellently. Her parents say her grades have skyrocketed because of my presence which made her work harder. They plead with me to stay longer and I oblige since I have nowhere to go. They take care of me like I’m their daughter and I feel so loved. I then made up my mind to make them proud of me in any way I can.
*6 years later*
I step down for my AudiR8 and walk graciously into my company. I feel eyes on me and I reply the greetings of my employees.
The elevator opens and my secretary stands to acknowledge my presence. I respond and enter my large office settling for the day. She calls me few minutes later saying that some people have been waiting to see me but do not have an appointment.
“I told them to leave but they’re making a scene. I was about to call security but they’re pleading with me so much I thought I should inform you ma…”
“Okay?… Tell them to come in” I reply.
In a matter of seconds, I hear knock on my door and two figures enter but I’m too busy replying some mails. I hear them greet and slowly I raise my eyes up to see who has been wanting to see me.
To my utmost surprise, I see Aunt Charis and Uncle Ted. They don’t look as sophisticated as before but like normal, random people and they now have wrinkles.
“Aunt Charis! Uncle Ted! How have you been?” I stand and stretch out my hand telling them to sit.
“We have been fine. You look good by the way” Uncle Ted says
“Thanks so do you. So what do I owe this visit?”
“Uhm…” Aunt Charis starts. It’s surprising to see her lost for words. “We thought we should come see you after these years as we only hear about you on the news so…and…” They exchange glances and I try to figure out what’s going on. “…and you promised us that you’ll repay our kindness years ago. We didn’t want to bother you like this but we are retired now and uhm…” she continued
“Oh yes! I wired about 12 million dollars to Cassidy’s account two years ago. She didn’t tell you?” I ask.
Their eyes bulge out in surprise and Aunt Charis’ mouth drops open. They give each other a knowing look once again.
“Is everything okay?” I ask them.
“No…No…Yes, sorry. Everything is fine but Cassidy didn’t tell us anything. Ava, my child we haven’t heard from Cassidy for a while now as she has left the house for her boyfriend’s. She must have squandered the money but you know no amount of money can ever be used to recompense what we’ve done for you. We fed you, we clothed you when…” “Aunt Charis…” I interjected “I know you know that 12 million dollars is more than double the amount you have invested in my life. I already paid my due diligence and out of my caring heart, I even gave you more than double. What more do you want from me? I was like a pest to you six years ago. I was like an itch on your skin six years ago. You kicked me out of your house remember?” I say matter-of-factly. “Now, you have the guts to come back here demanding for more? If you have a problem with your family, with Cassidy, I don’t care. You cut me off when I was a teenager so I have nothing to do with your lives anymore. You told me to go get a life. Thank God I listened to you. So now I’m telling you the same. Go fix your lives. Do you…So if you’d excuse me I have a ton of stuffs to attend to…”
They’re dumbstruck and they rise to leave slowly.
I get back to work thinking about what just happened. They don’t even feel sorry for what they did.
“Even proud in poverty” I scoff.

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Jeremiah Alayo

Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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