Never Give Up – part 1

Earphones plugged in, hands in my pocket and I’m humming to the soft rhythm of the music. That’s the only way I know how to relieve stress. It’s dusk and I’m heading back home from school. Life has been giving me lemons lately but I’ve been trying to make lemonade. I mean I checked all the boxes.
Got fired from part time job…check.
Failed multiple tests in core subjects…check.
Pending assignments…check.
Oh hey! look, more bills…check.
I literally have hair loss due to worry. Living in this part of New York is very challenging especially when you’re an orphan staying with a careless aunt who is subconsciously telling me that I am a burden to her.
My name is Ava. Never known my parents. Always have had a rough life with very little to eat. I used to dream big and be the lively one till I understood what life was to me. I still feel caged, strangled and suffocated with no one to help. They say we all have equal opportunities to achieve our different dreams but I don’t see mine.
My aunt’s children, twins actually, Casey and Cassidy are in the same class as me. Just like their parents, they are egoistic and don’t give a damn about me. I don’t care actually at least they’re nice enough to provide me with meals and a roof over my head.
I get home before 6 p.m. and I meet Uncle Ted on the couch watching TV.
“Good evening sir” I greet him. He mumbles something I can’t make out. I head towards my room and change into something comfy. I notice all my stuffs have been packed. Perhaps, are we going on a vacation? That’s rare and strange. I don’t get to experience things like these. I make a mental note to ask Cassidy later. My stomach grumbles and I make a quick sandwich in the kitchen. As I’m about to get the margarine from the fridge, Casey hits me “accidentally” and my aunt’s newest vase drops to the floor with a thud.
“Watch where you’re going!” he shouts at me “Wow…” he continues.
It all happens so fast. My aunt would make a huge scene out of this and even put a hold on my meagre allowance for some months or worse… My heart thuds in my chest as I hear my aunt rush to the kitchen.
“I… I… I… ” I stutter as she comprehends what just happened.
“What in the world!” she exclaimed. “That vase costs a fortune, do you even know? Of course you won’t because all you do is live off of me and eat the food in this house. I told you to live in this house as if you do not exist but this is how you repay me? I think I’ve had enough of your shit. I tried my best for you. I think it’s high time you left this house. Go get yourself a life. All your things have been packed. We don’t expect you to leave today since its late but as soon as possible. We’ve talked about it and we don’t see a reason why you should still be staying here”.
By now, the whole family is in the kitchen and I’m shocked to my bones. This is all planned. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I’m just so confused, when did they start planning all of this? I must have been such a burden. Where am I going to stay now? Perhaps, I’ll talk to Denise, my closest friend. she may house me for the night. I won’t leave tomorrow. I’d leave today not because of my pride but self respect.
“Thank you so much for all you’ve done, all of you. I mean keeping such person like me for more than 10 years is enough kindness. Though, I don’t have anything to repay your kindness now but I hope I will later in the future. I’m so sorry about your vase, Aunt Charis, it was totally accidental but I take full responsibility. I may have nowhere to go but don’t worry I’ll be fine”
I say to them and the look on their faces is full of surprise. They probably thought I would cry and plead with them to forgive me but I won’t do that. I have come to learn to let people leave my life at their will. I’ve come to realize that people will leave you when you are at your hardest phases and they’ll come when your life is going on smoothly. Having said that I give them a reassuring smile and turn to leave. I head towards my room to grab my suitcases and say a silent prayer. They all watch me silence. I leave the house not turning back, with my mind set on not letting my present situation define my future. I dialed Denise’s contact and she picks up on the first ring. “Hello Denise” I say
“Hey, what’s up?”
“I should be good, you?” “I’m great. What’s wrong?” Denise says with concern.
“I think I’ve been kicked out of my house… not that it’s even mine” I laugh nervously.
“Oh boy! that’s so sad. Why would they do that to you? What are you going to do now?”
“I don’t know. It’s late and I have nowhere to go so I was thinking if you’d please keep me for the night. I promise I’d leave immediately when it’s morning. I would…”
“Come on Ava! my mom would be so glad to have you here. I’m sure she would want you to stay as long as you want. Besides, it’s good for me since we’re in the same college, I could use a sister you know”. she laughs and I smile.
“Wow! are you serious?” I say.
“Sure!” she replies.
“Where are you now? I could come pick you up with my car” she seems excited.
“Denise, I don’t know what to say. I really appreciate this. You’re such a friend thanks a lot. Thank you so much dear.”
“It’s not done that much of a big deal. The house is big enough to house even ten of you! so you don’t have to worry… So where are you?”
“3rd bus stop, Cherry Street, lighthouse, thanks again”
“Okay I’d be there in 5”
Before I know it, Denise is a here. I hop into her car and hug her. I thank her once again and we get to her mansion in a couple of minutes.
Her mom hugs me and her dad is so welcoming. They are just so nice. They show me my room which is double the size of the previous one. I marvel at the king-sized bed. There are so many clothes in the closest already. I thank them continuously. They smile and express how glad they are to help me.

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Jeremiah Alayo

Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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