A story about a girl who is desperate for marriage. she thought she met the right guy but hence the joy…But she found out he was more than she expected from him as they set out for their first date.


Part 2

stare out of the car window to see if he at least cared to go after me but there’s no one. I’m pathetic. I started to have an ounce of forgiveness growing in me. I mean I can try and get past this. I just want to be married and happy.

I drive silently in the rain feeling my heart shred in pieces and then started to sob.
“No, he doesn’t deserve a single tear,” I say to myself, cleaning up my tears and changing my direction to a club.
It’s karaoke night. A few drinks would do.
As I enter the club, I loosen up a little by unbuttoning my shirt, folding my sleeves up, and removing my rubber band letting my hair fall. I head towards the bar and take a seat.
“Cranberry and vodka, please,” I said to the bartender.
I push down the drinks quickly, letting out a groan as it burns my throat. Thoughts keep running in my mind as I drink. Three breakups in one summer. What is wrong with me?
I order more drinks as I feel a presence beside me. I turn to look and trust me I love what I see.
Hazel eyes, thick black hair that manages to still be wavy despite the rain, and of course so muscular, I want to hug him and cry in his arms. This is so pathetic. I don’t even know this guy. Must be the alcohol.
“Hello beautiful” he smiles sweetly.
I open my mouth to say something but can’t think of anything. He’s stunning. He notices this and smiles again. I blush in embarrassment.
“Por favour, Dos” he tells the bartender in Spanish and I marvel. He’s so perfect. I’ve loved español eve since I was little and it rolls off his tongue in such a thick accent. I’m tempted to pull those beautiful lips in a rough kiss. It’ll probably numb all the pain I’m feeling now.
As if he reads my mind, he kisses me passionately. I’m shocked but I enjoy the sync. He tastes like orange peppermint and damn do I smell vanilla on him. I’m so lost in his world but I feel a jolt of consciousness. Kissing a stranger, huh?. I break off the kiss and stare intently into his eyes.
I find a distraction. My drink. He smiles seductively.
“I’m Jake,” he says
“Je-Jenna” I stammered
“I’m sorry for that (the kiss) if it made you uncomfortable” he continued “I can’t seem to control myself around you”
I’m red as a tomato. He likes me.
“You don’t seem to look very happy today. I see you at a restaurant frequently, during lunch hours. It’s not like I’m stalking you or anything. It’s just that you caught my eye ever since the day I saw you. I hesitated to introduce myself because I know you have a boyfriend. Saw him with you the day I summoned the courage to introduce myself” he laughs nervously.
“I don’t know what to say. You seem to know quite a handful about me” I said to him.” I think I just broke up with him though”
He looked at me sympathetically and pulled me into a hug. Exactly what I needed. I feel suddenly so weak and sleepy as soon as I land in his arms.
The next morning, I find myself in my room. I can’t remember how I got there but I’m safe, that’s
what matters. Fragments of what happened come in a blur. Jake must have been a gentleman.
I receive a text that says
“Morning gorgeous, tried to not let you get yourself so drunk last night but I guess I failed. Some aspirin and water are on the table. Drink a lot of water and try to take a siesta later to treat your hangover -Jake”
He’s such a gentleman. Most strangers would take advantage of you. I think I’m in love already.
Oh my God! I forgot to facetime, my friends. These girls would skin me. I check my inbox and see a text from Taylor.
She called in sick.
Oh no. That’s not good.
I facetime them and make sure Taylor is fine. She says I shouldn’t bother coming over, then I end the call.
No girl’s night. I’d be so bored today.
I receive another text from Jake asking me on a lunch date. I accept gladly.
I choose a flower print dress and wedge sandals. Just on cue, I hear a knock on the door. It’s Jake.
“Hey,” I said
“You look beautiful,” he said giving me a bouquet.
“You’re ready? ”
He slides into his car and off we go.
The date is going just fine but Jake seems uneasy, constantly looking at his phone from time to time.
“Hey, are you okay?” I ask him
“Yeah, but… I hate to say this. I have to go. My boss needs me urgently like right now. I know it’s the weekend but it’s just the nature of my job. I’m… ”
“It’s okay if you have to go. I understand ” I say sweetly
” I’m sorry ” he kisses my forehead and leaves quickly.
After a few minutes, I hear the siren of police cars around and wonder why the commotion. Someone then walks towards my direction.
“Miss Jenna, I’m agent Korey from the FBI” he shows me his ID
I’m confused.
“Mr. Leo McCray who introduced himself to you as jake has been suspected for the serial murder of young women in this town. We know he just left you. We’ve sent a team after him but I’d like you to answer some questions as you could know a thing or two about him”
“I… I….” I stammered not knowing what to say.
” I understand all these have come on you so suddenly but I don’t have much time and I’d like if you corporate with me” he continued ” Did he ever mention to you a person named Rex, perhaps as a close friend or anything?”
“No” I replied.
“Did you notice anything strange about him?”
“Not really, except that he was constantly looking at his phone and knew a lot about me already”
“Thank you for your time, Miss Jenna. If you receive any other phone call or text from him to meet up again, pls ring me immediately”
He hands me his number on a piece of paper and leaves.
I’m dumbfounded. Well at least, I didn’t just die in the hands of a serial killer. He seemed so perfect. Ryan and Taylor would be so shocked. It’s sad to see your utmost joy become your least expectation.

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