A story about a girl who is desperate for marriage. she thought she met the right guy but hence the joy…But she found out he was more than she expected from him as they set out for their first date.

Part 1

Rays of the sun penetrate the curtains and hit my eyes causing me to groan. I roll around my king-sized bed to block the rays and I’m met with Asher’s chest. He cuddles me and smoothens my long hair. I smile as he kisses me lightly on my forehead letting memories of last night flood in my head.
“Good morning,” I say sweetly to him.
“Morning babe” he replied in a husky tone.
Asher is my newest boyfriend, a lawyer, has his law firm. He’s cute, nice, and damn literally knows all the tricks in bed. We met at one of my dad’s exuberant gala nights. It was more like we felt the spark after we got to know each other. Ever since we’ve been together trying to see where the relationship was heading to.
My dad has high expectations because I’m in my mid 30’s and of course like every other parent wants the most decent guy for me.
My best friends, Ryan and Taylor are also single so we’re birds of the same feathers flocking together.
I get up from my bed and head towards the bathroom still in my lingerie. I don’t feel so good. I take a quick shower, get dressed in 5, and settle for a breakfast of toast and orange juice.

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Asher is giving me this look like I just took his laptop containing stuff he has to work on and he’s waiting for me to give it back.
“What?” I say shooting up my eyebrows inquisitively as I bite into my toast.
“You’re not going to make mine?”
“A-hhh” I laugh in disbelief ” The last time I checked, making a sandwich is easy as ABC, you don’t need anyone to do that for you”. I wasn’t going to have this conversation with him, so much for gender rules even for a freaking sandwich!. We’re not even married and he thinks he can boss me around. If that’s what he thinks then he’s got another think coming.
“Yeah, then why can’t you stop being egocentric for once and do something so small as making me a sandwich” he replied exasperatedly.
“Wow…egocentric ” was all that could come out of my mouth.
Normally, I would have given him a piece of my mind to stop making a mountain out of a molehill and a pep talk on gender rules if he wants to be in my life but today I was in no mood for that.
Something seems to be bothering me but I can’t place a finger on it. It’s frustrating.
“You know what! You can have mine” I smile mockingly and grab my bag not waiting for a reply. The look on his face is priceless.
I enter my Porsche, blasting the music on and driving so fast out of the driveway that I hear my tires screech on the tarred road. Don’t blame me. I need to relieve some stress and focus on something else.
I get to the office by 8 despite the morning drama. I’m not the type to be punctual to work beside it’s my dad’s, so what’s up?
The lavender scent in my office is nostalgic, reminds me of my mum, she’s late. I miss her. I take a deep breath and settle for the day.
The secretary enters with my Nonfat large double latte on my desk and updates me on the regular. I thank her as she leaves making a mental note to facetime my friends later. Tomorrow is Saturday which translates into all-day shopping plus girl’s night. It was like our life mantra.
It’s lunch break already. I wrap up and head towards the restaurant nearby, don’t want to eat canteen food. Still ruminating on why I’m so dull today and what happened with Asher. I began to feel uneasy, thoughts popping in my head as I place my order.
What if he breaks up with me?
No, he can’t break up with me over something that menial. I’m overthinking. I eat my meal and head back to continue the day’s work.
It’s time to clock out. I stifle a yawn as I pack up. I bid my secretary good night and tell her not to stay too long as I walk down the hallway.
I need a feet rub and massage which I doubt Asher would give me. I have to make this relationship work. I can’t keep doing this, breaking up now and then. Asher is good enough to be my husband. I should better not let him slip. I’m going to call him or better still go to his place. His place is. It’s dark outside and seems like it’s going to rain.
It’s not such a long drive to Asher’s place but I’d probably pass the night there. His porch is fairly illuminated. I raise my fist to knock but noticed the door slightly open. As soon as I take my first stride in, I have a déjà vu feeling. It’s weird. Enough of having feelings today. I need to face reality. I walked in putting my best smile on to apologize for earlier today.
“Babe,” I say expecting a reply as I enter the living room but I am greeted with a moan. Not just a moan, a lady’s moan. I stop in my tracks taken aback. My mind is playing tricks on me. I summoned myself to head towards the source of the sound.
To my utmost surprise and dismay, I see Asher in a tango with a red-haired petite. I’m screwed. He was supposed to be my soon-to-be fiance or even husband. We had a thing going and he just…
“Asher,” I say announcing my presence.
They spring apart very quickly. He pulls his hair with his hand and says something I can’t make out. I stomp out of his apartment not waiting for an explanation. What possible explanation could he give anyway? I rush out of his house not realizing it had already started raining.
On getting to my car, I’m drenched with the rain.


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