Making A Good Decision In Career Choice

Teenage life is a tough phase, especially when making decisions. Many make wrong decisions in career choice. A lot of factors affect our decisions making …hormones, society, friends, us, etc. It’s just so much to handle. Everyone has his/her story on making a Wrong/Good decision in career choice. My teenage life was just like this but was worse since a lot was expected from me. Let’s take a throwback to those times.


My name is Josh. Josh Paige. I have only one friend and his name is Liam O’Brien. We do a lot of things together…
“Yo! Prep school loser!” I call him from the vending machine. He turns and smiles in the hallway heading towards me.
“Hey, how’s it going bro?” he says
“Cool. You?”
He takes some Oreo chocolate from me without permission but I dodge too late.
“Hey, Get yours!” I feign a frown and he laughs munching it happily.
“Liam, you know Mrs. Harrison asked me some questions today.”
“Uh-huh,” he says absent-mindedly.
“No bro I’m serious.” I take in a sharp breath. “She gave me the scholarship form but… I don’t know what I wanna study. I just don’t know. I’m going to think about it of course but it’s just so hard to make decisions.”
“Yeah… I dig it, bro,” he replies.
“What about you? Do you know what you wanna major in yet? ” I prevaricate.
“Uhm… Business”
“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That’s…fast. Why business?”
“There’s a lot of money there. You get paid in thousands of dollars or even more. You get to clean up nice, wear a suit and a cologne. You know…girls like that kinda shit” We laugh in unison. “Besides I’m good at math and I enjoy it. Won’t be a bad idea crunching numbers, don’t you think?” he smirks.
“Yeah. That’s good. You know maybe I should just be like you…you know… I like math” I say nodding. “Maybe I should do business too” I continue and he laughs.
“Bro think about it first. Think about it. Just saying.”
The school bell rings and we exchange glances, then split ways.
I get home with the thought of what to major in still lingering on my mind.
“Mum? Dad?” I announce my presence.
“Hey, son!” My dad replies sitting on the couch.
“How was school, honey?” My mum asks smiling from the kitchen window.
“It was good. I’m gonna go take a shower. Sis home?”
“Yeah. She’s upstairs. Got some pizza for you in the fridge. Go say hello. Come down later for lunch or you can just stick with the pizza. Whichever.” mum says smiling.
“Okay…” I say with a smile and run up the stairs.
I enter my room and take my clothes off. I turn on some music and step into the shower.
I put on some fresh clothes and head for my sister’s. I knock on the door and she opens.
“Hey. How was school?” she asks
“Great. Mum said you got me pizza, thanks.”
“It’s okay just keep studying.”
“You need anything?” she asks.
“No… Okay… I’d just …” I turn around awkwardly getting the message and walk downstairs to the living room. I’m met with mum and dad playing chess. Looks like the battle is tight.
“Mum. Dad. I wanna talk to you about something, but later when you’re done with the chess”
“Is there a problem son?” My dad asks.
“Nope, just school kinds of stuff. Some papers to fill and sign that’s all” I reply.
“Okay then,” my mum says moving a piece on the chessboard.
I grab my pizza and head towards my room. I settle down doing my assignments, reading textbooks, and eating my pizza.
After some hours, I check the latest feed on Instagram, got bored…and I watch another sequel of fast and furious.
“Liam? Liam?” my mum called from downstairs with a high pitch and I come running down.
“Come on down we’re done with the chess. You wanted to talk to us about something right?”
“Oh!… Yeah,” I take in a deep breath and sit on the couch opposite mum and dad.
“What’s it honey?” mum asks curiously.
“You know you can talk to us. We’re here to help you.” She looks at me intently as if she would be able to tell what’s bothering me.
“I got this scholarship form from school. I’ve filled the form already except one blank space asking what I’d like to major in.”
“Okay?” dad says
“Yeah, I’m not so sure about it”
“Okay. That’s okay. It’s normal. I didn’t know what to study until I was like 20” my mum adds.
“Son, I’d have told you to just look at the subjects you’re good at but technically you’re good at all subjects. Since you’ve always been steady with straight A’s so I’d say you look at the subjects you enjoy reading. You can tell us those subjects and we can suggest a series of choices you can choose from.” dad says.
“Okay, I enjoy Physics, Mathematics, Technical drawing (T.D), Chemistry…there’s a lot” I take in a deep breath.”I’ve been thinking a lot about it, even researched but still indecisive.” I continue.
“Okay. The first thing I want you to know is that it’s not such a tough decision to make. Just look beyond what you see. Forget about what anyone thinks. Ask yourself these mock-up questions. What have I pictured myself doing in the nearest future? What are my hobbies, talents, gifts, etc? Why do I spend a long time doing this or that, than any other thing? Once you’ve arrived at your answers. Ask yourself again. Why this? What’s my drive?, etc You know… Yeah and don’t rush it. Take your time.” my dad advises.
“In addition to that, I think you need not stress yourself too much about this. I know I and your father don’t understand how tough of a decision this is for you. I understand you’re a teenager exploring the world, testing waters and as your parents, we need to guide you. So, I’m saying you should take it to God in prayers. He’s ready to help you, to make the whole decision-making process easier. You know how to go about the prayer right? Next time, that’s the first thing you should do. Tell him first. He’ll lead you honey.” my mum says as she places her hands on my cheek and smiles.
“Thanks, mum. Thanks, dad.” I say satisfied.
“You’re welcome dear,” They say in unison.
“Do you have any more questions, anything at all?” mum asks.
“Nope, I’m good.”
“Remember, we’re always here for you.”
“Yeah, thanks, mum. I’ll get back to my room. Still have a lot of assignments to do and this one too.” I smile assuringly.
Mum and dad look satisfied and exchange a look that says “they are lucky to be my parents”. I enter my room and prop pillows to support my back as I lean back on my bed holding my tablet, sketching an isometric drawing of a chair- my latest T.D assignment.
After that, I tackle my Physics assignment and wrap up all others. Finally, I take out the scholarship form and lay it on my lap. I take in a deep breath again and I close my eyes to say a prayer.
“Dear God, I thank you for everything you have done for me, for my grades in school, and for such a wonderful family you have given to me. I want to say thank you for your guidance and for never leaving me alone at any point in life’s journey. I pray for forgiveness today, that you pardon me for every sin I’ve committed. Have mercy on me lord. You know my heart desires, please grant them unto me. I pray you to help me to discover what I want to major in. Amen.”
I open my eyes and somehow things start to add up. I pray silently again a prayer of thanks and start with the mock-up questions dad suggested. I arrive at my answers and hurry to my reading table. I spread out the form and take out my pen and start filling the last blank space.

And then and there, I knew I made the right decision!

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Jeremiah Alayo

Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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