1. Verification commences two (2) hours before entry into the examination hall a n d
c a n d I d a t e s  must  be seated in the Examination room/hall at least fifteen (15)
minutes before the commencement of Examinations.

2. Candidates must obey all COVID-19 safety regulations: wearing of face mask is
compulsory, washing of hands and use of sanitizers before entering the exam hall, as well as a temperature check.

3. Candidates must maintain social distancing all the time and have a good health status.

4. Candidates must not take unauthorized materials like chips, scribbles, dubs to the examination hall.

5. Indecent dressing is not allowed. Candidates must not wear spaghetti/ sleeveless tops,
knickers, and/ or shredded jeans for examinations. Any candidate who dresses indecently will not be allowed to sit for the examination. Candidates are to ensure that their hair is properly groomed and combed for the examination. Dreadlocks and long braided hair are not allowed.

6. Slippers are not allowed in the examination hall. Science students must not wear slippers
and sandals to the laboratories.

7. Candidates may not leave the hall during the Examinations unless escorted by an
Examination Official.

8. Candidates must come with their own writing materials to the Examination hall.

9. All rough work must be done in the answer booklets and crossed out neatly.

10. Communication between and among candidates is strictly forbidden.

11. Candidates who need the attention of the Invigilator should signal by the raising of the hand.

12. Candidates are to write legibly. The answers to each question must be started on a new

13. The signing of Attendance Register will start at the commencement of the Examination
and at the end as each candidate hands in his/her script to the Invigilator.

14. Candidates must ensure that they write legibly, at the appropriate places on the front
cover of their booklets, their Examination Numbers and indicate the questions numbers

15. Candidates should write their examination number on every loose sheet.

16. Mobile phones and other smart electronic gadgets are not allowed in the Examination

17. Science students are to come along with their long-sleeved laboratory coats and hand
gloves during practical examinations.

18. Candidates should confirm their JUPEB Number on the School of Foundation Studies’
website (foundation.unilag.edu.ng) and on the student’s profile, prior to the JUPEB  examination date.

The following prescribed penalties will be imposed on anyone involved in any of the following acts of misconduct. No plea will be entertained.



1. Lateness to Examination: All candidates should be at the
Examination venue two (2) hours before the commencement of the
Examination and be seated at least fifteen (15) minutes before the
Candidate coming after 30 minutes of commencement of
the examination is deemed to be late and will be disallowed
from seating for the Examination.

2. Indecent dressing: Candidates must not wear spaghetti/ sleeveless tops, knickers, shredded jeans, and slippers. Science students must not wear sandals to the laboratories.
Any candidate caught will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

3 Copying: Copying from chips, pieces of paper, textbooks, lecture
notes, other candidates’ scripts; inscriptions on the body, exchange of question papers/answer sheets, collaborative copying, etc.
The candidate will be required to complete Exam misconduct
form and if found guilty his or her result shall be

4 Possession of mobiles phone(s), smart wristwatches and other
electronic gadgets either in use or not in use.
Mobiles phone(s), smart wristwatches and other
electronic gadgets will be seized and results canceled.

5 Smuggling of question papers/answer sheets in and out of Exam
hall, absconding with answer script.
The candidate’s result will be canceled.

6 Impersonation: The impostor and the candidate impersonated shall be
handed over to the Law Enforcement Agencies and the
candidate’s results canceled.

7.Disorderliness (Disobedience to the standing order): mob, group or
individual action against Supervisors/Invigilators or Examination
officials causing disruption, chaos, etc. during the Examination in the
Examination room/hall.
i) If this happens in a room/hall, the results of the whole
The exam room/ hall will be canceled.
ii) If it happens on a wide scale in a center, the
The results of the whole center will be canceled.

8 Disturbances (whispering, noise-making, exchange of exam
materials, discussion, etc.); Unauthorized changing of sitting
position and disobeying Examination instructions.
At the first attempt, the candidate shall be disengaged for
10 minutes by being made to stand and face the wall.
If the candidate persists in such misbehavior,
candidate must compulsorily submit his or her answer
script to the Invigilator who will book him/her and be
sent out of the venue. The answer script will be
marked as it is.

9.Attack on Examination Officials: mob, group or individual attack on
Supervisor/Invigilator or Examination officials before or after the
Suspect(s) will be handed over to the
Law Enforcement Agencies and the results of the
the whole center will be canceled.

10. Forgery of Results: alteration, upgrading, falsification, production of
fake results/documents and manipulation of results.
The results of the candidate(s) will be canceled. The facilitator’s appointment will be terminated. Both the
candidate and the facilitator will be handed over to the
Law Enforcement Agencies.

11.Destruction of Unauthorized Examinations Materials Cancellation of results.

12. Refusal to complete the Examination misconduct form and/or refusal to submit offending materials.
Cancellation of results.

13. Other related act of Examination misconduct
not specifically stated
The penalty shall be determined based on the
recommendation of Management.






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