How to read boring textbooks & recall everything that you have read.

Whatever that doesn’t interest you will only promote half-heartedness in your engagements with or towards it.

Such is the case of students, who by means of conversation, experience, and efforts have developed a lackadaisical attitude and repulsive approach to excellent study guides which aid learning and studies.

More so, the intent displeasure expressed facially or in performance depicts the level of boredness during studies, especially textbooks reading.

This attitude which is a silent killer of excellence should be eradicated. However, such a feat is attainable if various factors are considered circumspectly.

What Makes You Feel Board Why Reading?

It would be very crucial to recognize what factors contribute to this state of distraught amongst readers & students.

Thus, this grueling form of studies can be attributed to these factors;

(1) The Ambiguity And Complexity Of The Textbooks: Funnily enough that this factor could be mentioned as one of the trending factors to this academic decadence. With recent information to textbook publications, there are wide but wild claims on the competition that compels writers to their choice and use of words. Such competition has been able to cause a reduction in the enthusiasm portrayed by the students.


Therefore, textbooks which are very complex and filled with abstruse thesis or writeup, make it loathsome to either study or assimilate. Though, a good number of students with higher IQ may study the courses or textbooks regardless of how profound and abstruse the words are. However, they won’t make it beyond certain points before they get engrossed in boredom.

The inability of writers to reduce the verbosity and adroitness in vocabulary makes it very boring and confounding to the readers or students. If you can think vividly on possible moments when your studies are filled with boredom & distress, you can agree with me that the cause of the boredom was because of your inability to understand the writer’s choice of words and grasp all verbose contents.

(2) Pre-installed Wrong Assumptions In The Mind Of The Reader As Presented Whatsoever By The Reading Public: This is not just a slight factor as would be suggested, but a major reason why students or readers get bored and develop its sense of repugnance in such course of study or textbooks. Such heightened and propagated concepts have degenerated the mental capacity of prospective readers to frustration. This stereotypic view of textbooks as put forward by whomsoever narrows down the interest and focus of the reader to an endpoint of dismay. For instance, wrong notions of a particular textbook-like Molecular biology (hard to understand, u can’t get a distinction in the course) shields most readers from the in-depth understanding. Such onerous studies overwhelmed with wrong notions lead to desperation and ineffectiveness in one’s studies.

(3) The negative mindset that fosters distraction & instability in the mind: Mental related problems have been proven by psychologists to have the ability to hijack concentration, hence become one of the major reasons for ineffectiveness & inefficiency in studies. And this x-rays how negativity tends to pose a threat to our academics, thus increasing the rate of boredom.
A negative mindset can be described as the mental interaction of sordid thoughts & opinions seeking expression. This forceful expression of biased thoughts & opinions results in disorderliness which threatens the intellectual focus of the reader to a point. Imagine a porn addict, who after watching a few clips of porn movies decides to study. You will agree that no matter how he tends to maintain focus, his studies must degenerate to boredom. It gonna be unrestrained access to a scrambled brain that can only incite displeasure whatever way it may be.

(4) Lack of prior knowledge and understanding of a course or textbook: This factor accounts for the inability of the brain to understand, store up & retrieve information as earlier uploaded during studies. Such a fruitless attempt chaired by lack of understanding makes it difficult for studies to be engaged with fervor. Consider a Primary 5 student investing his/her time in studying chemistry. No matter how hard and time the pupil spends, he/she won’t grasp anything if not guided or given the knowledge to the basics. Relating it to the reader’s agility in studying, it can further be counted as a loss, cuz it would eventually degenerate to boredom.

As this intensifies amongst readers, it will be worthwhile outlining the guide to intensive studies in a sure bid to avoid boredom. We have carefully compiled from various resources that will enhance enthusiasm and possible ways to recall what we have read or studied.

Steps To Understand And Assimilate Boring Textbooks

Before we outline such points, it will be awesome if you clearly identify whatever method of learning that suits you. Below are a few down-to-earth points which can help students assimilate boring textbooks;
(1)Eradicating the Negative mindset: Based on the earlier discussed causes, we can find out more reasons a stable mind free from every manner of pollution needs to be secured during studies. Here are some clues that will enable a positive mindset;

(a) Avoid watching porn movies or gruesome clips because of its devastating effect on the mind. This curtails the magnitudes of the interaction and helps the student or reader concentrate on his/her studies.
(b) Restrain your mind from random interactions of thoughts by allowing the consciousness of your studies to permeate your mindset. Understand the readiness of your brain and focus your mind to help your brain assimilate.
(c) Social welfare, relationships, parental issues should be set aside during studies in order to enhance enthusiasm in your studies and carefully avoid indications or situations that may lead to distractions.
(2) Verbal mode of studying: Quite often, it becomes too bored that you are forced to quit studying. Kindly take a few minute’s breaks from the long stare at your books and apply this method. It involves, reading aloud, thinking visually & possibly asking deep questions that will provoke genuine interest in the course or textbooks you have been reading. You tend to find your answers from the course materials.
(3) Imbibe the culture of studying in groups: This has proved effective in faster assimilation of boring textbooks. Share the course materials into pages, and get each and every participant to contribute actively with the knowledge extracted from the textbook. The brainstorms and questions develop an interest in the course and make it easy to read. Possibly, take-home assignments will be necessary to enable you to get a full grasp of the textbook.
(4) Use of textbooks with charts, tables & pictures. This method works like magic though awkward to some people. The charts & pictures interest the reader and keep his/her interest at an esteemed rate. Furthermore, more guidance is needed from a teacher or higher student that will help break down the course material for you. A good understanding of the course material fuels your fervor and increases your retention ability.
These methods do not only increase efficiency in studying boring textbooks but vital in determining how many percent of the files your will recall.

“Focus is the gateway to understanding but understanding sustains focus. Though they function at both ends but are interdependent on each other.” 

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Jeremiah Alayo

Jeremiah Alayo is an educationist who’s passionate about imparting knowledge into students from every work of life. He intends to ameliorate failure and elevate the success

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