How to combine studies and business as a student

As a student, can you combine business and studies? How can I combine studies and business as a student without affecting me? Get Answers below by reading the article below.

“Demands specify behavior in a specific situation based on previously defined laws and commandments”. Myles Munroe.
This demanding need for financial independence or to escape bankruptcy which prevents unforeseen awful situations most students have experienced, like dropping out from school, starving, and begging. This deteriorating state of living had challenged most students to the quest for financial breakthrough, hence, their combination of the dual; studies and business. These businesses indulged by most students come with its challenges which inevitably has thrown most students off balance. The height of these challenges encountered can be summed up to require absolute attention and commitment from the student. How to handle these confronting challenges and its impending effect on our studies is worth our consideration, hence, how do I learn to strike balance without adverse mental condition?

Nevertheless, our regard for our studies should be without equal because of how bright it secures our future. Though, the financial breakthrough is anticipated and should be cleverly sought to ensure our studies to its peak.

However, most students have refuted the idea of engaging in business while studying some professional courses like medicine, law, engineering & pharmacy. This belief system has retarded financial development in most students studying these professional courses. But the story of Dr. John Moyes who combined Fashion designing and medical studies as a medical student proves otherwise. His business( fashion designing) still didn’t prevent him from being the best student he had always loved to be. You would wonder how he was able to achieve that? These life-transforming ideas are what we intend to outline for our maximization.

Here are the five “how” to combine studies and business effectively.

 Set Priorities

“A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem. ” – Albert Einstein.
This quote by Einstein nailed the whole stuff on balance. A well-defined priority prevents unsolicited attention and pressures that can emanate from our daily dozens. In as much as it helps us to wave aside trivial commitments that had eaten into our treasured time, it can also initiate a conscious attachment of Importance to what we hold so dearly.

The big question is this:

what are your priorities? & How are your priorities?


I guess the obvious answers to these questions are within our reach. Take a few minutes and ponder on those questions. To prioritize better is to gain the maximum understanding of the relativity of your schedules with your future. This understanding aids you to slate your education as the first focus of your life aside from God(the utmost priority). Business can be secondary or attached after education, though it depends on your choice. Remind yourself of the demand imposed on you from various points, those demands can help you think and prioritize better. Don’t forget, if education is the priority, never trade its activities for your business engagements. Wise up!



“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax. ” – Abraham Lincoln. What do you think of this quote? It can be easy to relate with on the terms of your wise use of time. It simply teaches me on how to get prepared and plan ahead of my daily engagements. This attitude if imbibed creates a deep sense of reality and consciousness of your daily bargains.

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Most of our previous awry plans can take the full course of the new day if this conscious planning is not observed. Think of creating for yourself at dawn to ruminate over the previous affairs and decide on how to make better use of that day to ameliorate the previous day’s transactions. As a student, plan on what the lecturer is going to come up with and let it interest you to plan on ways to achieve success at varying moments of your day. What lectures will I attend? What clients need their jobs delivered speedily? How to attend to my high rated clients for today? & How to study after the day’s lectures? These questions can convey the right ways and manner we begin to plan as students. Don’t forget: “any student who refuses to plan, is planning to fail.”

Adopt a structured pattern

It will interest you that this factor will or can only be possible when we understand the business we engage in and the courses we read. Professional courses don’t need over demanding businesses, the intended business site must be within the school location or online to ensure that this factor is greatly implemented.
“Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Draw a map that represents your order of movement to regulate or possibly avoid unnecessary engagements that can disrupt your balance. A Time network on course allotment should be provided by you. It helps you as a guard to achieve your daily goals and set plans. Never allow your business time to infringe on your own study time and vice versa. This helps your competence in maintaining balance. Know when to deliver and how to deliver to your clients to avoid stress and mental drowsiness. Don’t forget that this carefully prevents and increases strength, focus, and determination.

 Stay organized

This is a virtue that most students neglect that robs them of the right state of mind when it comes to dealing with their studies. The heights of challenges encountered in business can lead to exasperation, weakness & distraught. It is our responsibility to harness our inner strength to take hold of peace. Most actually students find it difficult to relate to this but the truth is that you discover what works for you and stick to it. Stay connected with the right state of mind by avoiding irrelevant talks, jokes, and their likes. Be positive at all times, and let the beauty of the glossy future you envisage be soothing to thee.

Strategic Partnering

“Chop your wood and it will warm you twice” – Henry Ford.
This quote beautifully depicts the fruitfulness of strategic partnering. I promise you that it will be hard if it’s only you, but it can be simplified when you connect to the right network of classmates and business associates. Why partner? As a student who places more importance on studies can’t afford to lose the main thing for the good thing. Get more jobs from clients, distribute your low paid jobs to other business associates for a price but do not refer clients. Connect to the intelligent students in your department, square up with him/her to have smooth academics even when you are absent from lectures. Don’t forget that this strategic network of friends builds you up and helps you immensely.

Conclusively, it’s better
than said. These above listed “how” will launch you into an unspeakable height of balance as a student. I dearly beseech you to imbibe on these values and see how your academics takes a new turn. Don’t despise discipline, embrace it with your whole being because it teaches you to stay within the limits of your goal.

Albert Penmate

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