WAEC: Easy tips on how to pass your English language Examination excellently 2020

For the students who registered for this upcoming examination, I want you to have this in your mind that whatever you do don’t relent, just keep trying, schedule yourself very well so that you will make your papers in one sitting this year.

Recently, I observe that most candidates fail the English language in their examination. I  probably will say it is their fault because they don’t take time to study and plan very well but I also notice some read and still fail this subject.

Nevertheless, Most students depend on the answers that will be given to them that day which I see it as examination malpractice, but I want to tell you that the Expo you will be waiting on that day might sometimes disappoint you. So you have to be prepared no matter how, just try to read, do your best, and leave the rest to God Almighty.

For you to pass your English examination,there are certain criteria that must be engaged, because for you to be successful you need to pass through a lot of steps. Success is not a thing you can easily jump into,it required your ability and capacity that you are willing to do it no matter the challenges that might bring you down.

Mostly, the easy way you can pass your English exams very well is basically structured in the theory part, if you can read and answer the theory section very well, you are good to go, even if your objective section is it not very sure.



Some of the theory parts which carries the highest marks, which all Waec candidate should be aware of is as follows:

1. Comprehension

This is one major part that made most students fail because most students don’t take their time to read very well, they just rush when reading just to answer the question, and by the time they answer some of the questions, so many grammatical errors will be in most of their sentences, that is why the candidate will end up having low mark which can low the mark of that particular subject. The English language is a very important subject in which all candidates most not fail, so I will encourage you to always take time in reading, and studying comprehension passage on your past questions booklet.

2. Letter writing

Letter writing is also, one major part most students have an issue on very well, because if you want to pass anything writing which is in part A of the theory question. You must write very good English and your sentences must be meaningful. There are types of writing which you are to choose in part A, which is an informal letter, formal letter, creative writing. Out of these above types you are to choose one, but most students fail this section because they only depend on one type, not all the type. Like candidate only depend on the informal letter they don’t read viral on other category rules for them to practice because if a candidate depends on the informal letter,you might not end up having good and plenty points, because the other category essay which you neglected might be your favorite and you may have many points to put down but due to informal letter you focused in writing in the exam will affect you and you may end up not writing very well, which can reduce the mark of such candidate. So my advice to all candidate is to read all the major letter-writing even essay writing,so that on that day of your exam if you don’t know Informal letter, you can switch to essay writing since you have practiced all of them to know each of their rules so that you won’t get a low mark at the end of your essay writing in your English examination.

3. Summary writing

This is the best and easier way for a candidate to fail, and for candidates to pass.

Summary passage carries a lot of marks in which a candidate has to be very careful when answering the passage, and don’t rush while reading just time yourself and make sure you use the Coma rules which mean content, organization, expression, mechanical accuracy. It just means that your content must be well arranged, and informative, the organization means the way you organize and arrange your point orderly, and the expression simply means the way your ideas are being expressed for the reader, to read and understand the reason for writing the essay or letter, then the mechanical accuracy means the way you time yourself, the level of your speed.

My kindly advice to candidates writing this exam, you must always have a plan and stick to the time planned, so that you will finish exactly the time you budget.

Also, that part B in that theory, has a lot of marks, you can choose to do it first before coming back to the rest. And note that when you want to write your essay you must first write your point out before you start putting down the note.

Thanks for using your valuable time to read this articles, I am very certain that you have gain one thing or the other in this article, please you can like, share with your fellow course mate. 

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