5 Things That Will Determine Your Admission This Year

The 20/21Admission is now in progress and many schools are yet release their Admission list.
However there are some.factors which will determine the fate of all candidates that apply for Admission in any institution and this factors will be discussed briefly below

1. Your state:

The state plays every crucial role. I’m determining who will be admitted or not and one of the reasons nuc and jamb introduced catchment zone is to ensure that any indigene of a state or someone that belongs to a particular region is considered ahead of others. Chopping your state university will definitely give you an edge and selecting a university or polytechnic within your region will also make a difference.

2. Your jamb score:

I don’t need to emphasize much on this and it’s no longer new that candidates with higher score in jamb will be considered ahead of others. The rule still remain the same.The higher your score the higher your chances of gaining Admission.

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3. Your o level result:

Anyone with inadequate o level results will not be deemed for admission and candidates that also fill the wrong subject combination may not forgive. It’s important to fill a relevant o level result to guarantee a hitch-free Admission.

4. The course of your choice.

Medicine is a course
Economics is a course
Law is a course
Yoruba is a course
Marketing is a course
Zoology is a course
However, the pressure and the requirements for all courses vary some courses are more demanding while some are not.

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5. University of your choice

Unilag is a federal school and Fuoye is also a federal school but fuoye is not competitive while unilag is competitive .what I’m trying to say in essence choose worth your JAMB point, this is also essential in getting admissions this year



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